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FS2004 Vtol Solotrek XFV Police Airport Craft. The craft which was designed to perform like a helicopter, provide the operator with a birds-eye view, be economical to operate, and be easy to maintain and store. Created by J R Lucariny. 840K
FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation Tandem Aerofoil Boat Wing-in-Ground-Effect vehicle for recreational use in sheltered waters. Not a problem in FS as even the oceans are calm. ;-) Although it is true that WIG craft perform better the larger they get and need to be somewhere in the region of 400 tons plus to be capable of crossing oceans, there is something to be said for this much smaller class. Faster than any speedboat or hovercraft yet needing no more skill to pilot than either. The only limitation being its inability to climb more than a few inches above the water plus the need for the calm waters of slow rivers, lakes and estuaries. Kevin Bryan. 2.2MB

FS2002/2004 Airport Ramp Tractor TG5000. This tractor is used at Euroairport (LFSB) to tow and pushback regionnal aircrafts (like CIMBER's Crj-200).Very detailled model. The vehicle has two tow bar avalaible with landing light and panel light keys. See read-me file for technical features. Virtual Cockpit is include and sound package. The airport map is personalizable for each user. Really usefull to discover your new airport. Don't hesitate to send me screenshoots from your ride !! If you have suggestions for further evolution, conatact me via e-mails. By HAUGER Fredo. 4.6MB

Airport Tractor (Tug) Panel. . This is a panel for the TG5000 Tractor released the day before this panel by Hauger Fredo. Its fictional but its cool. (Includes 2 diffrent backgrounds) By Calvin Gwinner. 186K

FS2004/2002 Repaint Kit for the Ramp Tractor TG5000 (here). See Read-Me file for instructions and features. By HAUGER Fredo. 260K
FS2004 Kneeboard Web browser v 2.0. The newest version of my browser for FS2004's kneeboard. It now provides quick acces to weather and charts services, as well as beeing a very powerful web browser with back&forward buttons and more. Alex George. 61K
Military Airshow Manoeuvres. For all you Fighter Pilots out there, who have been inspired by the recently held Farnborough airshow in the UK, here is a "Do your own air show" in a state of the art F/A-18F Super Hornet [TEAM FSKBT's F/A-18F (here].Just follow the simple aircraft manuevers given in the word doc in which the description of the manuevers is given in the end. Try to complete the airshow in under 10 mins,[real pilots do it under 6 mins].We like to thank the FSKBT Team for the brilliant job on the Flight Dynamics of the Super Hornet. 50K
FS2004 Wintery Haze FX. This program will add a wintery haze on the ground much like a blowing snow haze much like you would see while driving down the highway during a snow storm. 176K
FS2004/FS2002 Unreal Aviation SWing SST. Slew-Wing supersonic transport prototype. Inspired by the work of NASA-Dryden (who pinched the idea from Dr Voght of Blohm und Voss) this concept gives you both a STOL performance and Mach 2. I was having a 'Can I make a model in a day' moment so it's a bit simple but still turned out well. By Kevin Bryan. 1.9MB