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  Misc Page 8
FS2004 Root Beer Can Plane This is one of those models you can make out of soda cans. this one is a root beer can. Made in fsds Levi Betz. 1.3MB

FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation 'Enterprise II' Airship. Generic modern Goodyear style airship with vectored thrust. By Kevin Bryan. 1.5MB

Unreal Aviation Enterprise II update. New model with advertising banners on the sides of the envelope. These can be repainted individually. This is an update only and you still need ent2.zip. By Kevin Bryan. 2MB

Unreal Aviation Enterprise II update. Missing textures plus a quick tutorial on repainting the ad banners. Update only. You need ENT2.zip and ENT2UPD.zip By Kevin Bryan. 125K

VATIM's Squawkbox 2.3 Antonov Airlines mod. This is add-on allows the entire Antonov Airlines fleet (search 'Antonov Airlines' on this site) to be seen and used within VATSIM's Squawkbox. Simple procedure to add on, just follow the directions. Requires VATIM's Squawkbox 2.3. 7.3MB
FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation Focke-Wulf Triebflugel. Triple-winged ramjet-powered rocket interceptor. By Kevin Bryan. 5.4MB

FS2004/2002 Macross VF-1S Valkyrie. Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.19. This Airplane is based on Japanese TV and Movie animation "Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS". This model is Roy Fokker Special of U.N.SPACY. This can transform into three kind of form (Gerwalk <--- Fighter ---> Valkyrie).(There is a limitation.) by Kazunori Ito. 1.5MB

FS2004 Stunt Demo FS2004 Video File. Can be played with any plane you like, even the boeing 747-400, Definitly works with all default planes and it also worked with all the downloaded planes tested it on. Eddy Dever. 593K
FS2004 New Landing Lights. This is a replacement for the default landing ligts. I try to make it as real as it gets and I have used about 20 photos as reference. This textures will show in almost all planes no matter what size it is. It's a litlle difficult because FS use only one bmp to show lights in all aircraft and the way it uses is a little weird. But as you will see in the shots the result is much better tham the default ones. Textures by Adriano Martoni. 984K
TCAS 2 radar screen TCAS 2 radar screen for your MS Flight Simulator application. The TCAS 2 knowledge is based upon TCAS 2, version 7, as outlined by FAA Guidelines. (Also known as ACAS in Europe) This display will detect and warn against airborne A.I. intruder traffic via visual and verbal feedback. It requires FSUIPC (here), Visual Basic 6 runtime (both here) , and Directx 7 or higher (here). Danny Ho. 598K tcas2v7-3.zip
FS2004 IFC Blimp. This special aircraft texture was created on behalf of the International FlightSim Convention (IFC http://www.ifcblackpool.com). This world leading convention will be held in Blackpool UK in July 2005. Aircraft by Anders Jermstad, Textures by Garry J. Smith (http://www.gjsmith.net). 10.2MB
FS2004 927th ARW Flight Plans Flight plans for the 8 KC-135R's of the 63rd ARS, 927th ARW, based at Selfridge ANGB, Michigan. Includes AFCAD2 file for Selfridge. Requires TTools. By Matt Magner. 160K