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FS2004 Digital Helicopter Panel. Like a modern day fighter jet panel for a helicopter. Micro display at top of screen has Hdg, VSI, Alt, Thrust %, and MPH. The little adf is also mouse as yoke - right clich to use - right click to disenguage. Micro display great for flying in external chase view. By Ted Vergith. 2.3MB
FS2004 Default Cessna 172 2D and VC Panel Update. This file contains an updated 2D panel with working yoke wich can be hided or shown by a switch, and Updated VC Panel with working yoke and a GPS window wich can be hided or shown by a switch. The gauges are custum made... To install just copy and paste the panel folder to Your default "c172 - folder" and overwrite the default panel, or rename the default panel folder to old_panel, in case You dont like this update... Regards Claus Vendelboe Holmberg. 971K
FS2004 Photorealistic Buccaneer Panel. This photorealistic panel for the Blackburn (Hawker Siddeley) Buccaneer has been created by Jean-Pierre Langer from photos and informations given by the Blackburn Buccaneer Society. The whole graphism and the development of the gauges has been done according specific photos of the instruments and informations from the flight manual. Sorry, but the tutorial is only in french actually. 6MB
FS2004 A-10 Landing Panel & HUD. Wanna make landing the A-10 a breeze? Do you enjoy flying by the seat of your pants at tree-top levels? Does precise formation flying with your friends or with AI aircraft sound like fun? This panel modification will make all of that virtually effortless.... These files adds a properly working A-10 HUD (Heads Up Display) and a modified panel to K. Ito's A-10 (here) or Kirk Olsson's/Maverick's A-10 (here). (Or to both aircraft.) The focus has been mainly on the HUD, which features a properly scaled and accurate pitch ladder (which moves with and stays pinned to the actual sim-horizon), a working velocity vector (which shows your true flight path), as well as other typical HUD features and symbology. (Basic flight information, Nav info, ILS needles, AoA bracket, etc....) There are also several switches added which can be used to modify the function of or visibility of the various symbology elements. This HUD can easily be modified and used in other panels and with other planes. Scott Printz. 2MB
FS2004 F-16 Falcon Panel with a working HUD which both looks and operates very much like the actual F-16's. (See HUD video in zip file.) This is the most accurate, complex and complete HUD I've done. It features: working velocity vector and ladder (of course); both digital and tape-based airspeed / altitude / heading displays (selectable); a working NAV tadpole with NAV data blocks (which can be linked to NAV1, NAV2, or GPS); a waypoint designation diamond (which overlays the actual geographic position of your GPS waypoint or the selected VOR); accurate AoA bracket and backup AoA indexer for precise and realistic landings (13 degrees alpha!); precise ILS bars; 3 selectable symbology colors; various switches to adjust the HUD (power, color, ladder on/off, ladder cage, ILS on / off, tape vs. digital asp /alt /hdg, NAV1 NAV2 or GPS-based steering cues), cuations and resets, and on and on... Intended for use with Kirk Olsson's Viperden here. Scott Printz. 12.3MB
FS2004 Saab 2000 Panel. V.2.0 Public beta version. Included main panel with Ken Mitchel EICAS and dome light, and contains real life overhead panel + special night light. Rob Barendregt GPWS system, APU, Air condition, Cabin and Flight-deck temperature-pressure control. Few gauges original author: David Durst (Saab2000), Daniel Mead (Embraer-120), BAEPanelproject. Made by Tamas Biro. 6.9MB
FS2004 Mi-2 Polish panel. BY Mateusz Stabry. 2.5MB
FS2004 Dornier DO-228 Panel. Photoreal panel with full internal views. Made by Horst Paetzold. 4.1MB
FS2004 Socata Rallye 100 panel. This photoreal panel has been made from an original picture of the F-BUNP Rallye 100 CV flying in Aix en Provence, Aix Les Milles Airport, France. It is equipped exactly like the real thing : simple, but so enjoyable ! Built with FS Panel Studio software ( Ed Struzynski). Designed by Pat Grange. 5MB