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FS2004 Shorts Skyvan H&D Aviation G-HDAK Textures only. Repaint by Sean Doran of the Shorts Skyvan Cargo for FS2004. Requires model by Dan Watkins here. 1.4MB

FS2004 Let L-410 LN-WDA Textures only. Pannon Wings Design Team Let L-410 UVP-T (Required here). Repaint by Sean Doran. 3.6MB
FS2004 Piper PA-22 Tripacer Textures pack. This "three in one" Tri-Pacer repaint package represents an actual aircraft as it flew in Germany, Holland and France. You need the excellent Tri-Pacer model of Brian Gladden here. Repaint by Jaap de Baare. 921K
FS2004 Lancair Legacy Textures Pack. A selection of four repaints for the excellent Lancair Legacy 2000 (required here). Also includes a modified 2D panel for use with these repaints. Uploaded with the kind permission of the original designer Robert Christopher. Repaints by Jonathan Holvey. 6.1MB
FS2004 Vintage TAP National Airlines, Portugal. Textures by Francis F Silva of RSDG This is a repaint based on vintage TAP airline of Portugal colours. Alpha channel modified to achieve a highly polished chrome exterior. Model by FSAviator & Tom Gibson. 3.6MB
FS2004 Piper Cub South African Textures only. Requires J.E.Narcizo Super Cub (here) By Stuart Willows. 456K
FS2004 BAe Jetstream 41 Beta BAe Jetstream 41 Beta is most precision model and flight dynamic for FS2004. Full options support in www.precisionaerobus.com which included real j41 pilot tips, forum, re-paint kit, flight dynamic test, livery download. PAOB J41 Panel Project Development included animated wind screen wiper, V-speed auto call out. Gordon Lee, 1.8MB
FS2004 ATL 98 Carvair Proto Textures only. . Built a Douglas C-54B-1-DC Skymaster at Chicago, IL, for the USAAF (c/n 10528). After WW2 struck off and converted to DC-4 standard. Delivered to Braniff Airways. The C-54B-DC was bought by Air Charter (renamed British United Airways in 1960) 24 January 1955, registered G-ANYB and named 'Atalanta'. Conversion to Carvair (c/n C54B-DC/10528/ATL98/1) started on # October 1960. The first flight took place from Southend on 21 June 1961. This Carvair 'Yankee Bravo' was Carvair #1. It is portrayed in the colours and has the window configuration of the day of the first flight. Carvairs were typically fitted to carry 5 cars and 22 passengers, or alternatively up to 85 passengers. \n later more commonly used as pure freighters. Requires ATL 98 Carvair V1.0 aircraft by Jon Walton. jwat98.zip (FS9 Version) here or jwat98_2k2.zip (FS8 Version) here.Textures by Jon Walton, revised by Maarten Brouwer. 723K

FS2004 Dehavilland/Bombardier Dash8-311. A 50 seat twin turboprop regional airliner. Bahamasair, Reg: C6-BFI & C6-BFP. An all new FSDS design with 2D panel, Dynamic VC, and Custom Sound. In addition, a custom TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), a complete Ground Handling module with push back and taxi speed control and the latest version GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) is included. The visual model features an opening airstair with detailed cabin interior shown, operating Cargo Door, lift dump and roll control spoilers, passenger wing and cabin views, and high definition reflective textures. A comprehensive set of html documents (Check List & Ref List) are included for in-flight information. A separate Panel_Docs folder with panel and systems help files, pilot's notes and more. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy-Premier Aircraft Design. 25.4MB
FS2004 Cessna C182 Skylane "Purpura" High definition textures and sharp textures (in DXT3) An attempt to make High Definition (HD) textures. Default C182. Francis F Silva. 2.3MB