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  Props Page 124
FS2004 Cessna C182 Skylane "Titanic Rivets" High definition textures and sharp textures (in DXT3) An attempt to make High Definition (HD) textures and to make 3D rivets. Default C182. Francis F Silva 2.6MB
FS2004 C182 Skylane "Nevada" High Definition textures of the default Cessna C182 theme "Nevada" based on a real C182 I saw on the internet. Textures by Francis F Silva. 3.1MB
FS2004 Cessna 404 Titan Great improvement on "Lime Verde", "Scarlet" includes, inter alia, chrome and other nice touches. The Titan is one of Cessna's larger piston engine and was designed for passenger, corporate or light cargo service. Repaint by Francis F Silva. 1.5MB
FS2004 Fokker 50 THY Turkish Airlines. Livery and tail number are both fictional. Included are model, default panel and sound. I formated the textures from this Aircraft framefriendly in DXT3. Enjoy to fly that aircraft, big thank's to Dreamwings for his wonderfull model and great work!!! Original model by Dreamwings. Repaint by Sabahattin "Tango" Akan Happy flights, have fun with the Turkish Airlines Fokker 50, TC-JIM "CEYHAN". Aircraft by Dreamwings. Sabahattin Akan. 4.5MB
FS2004 ATL 98 Carvair Hawkair Textures only.Built a DC-4-1009 at Santa Monica, CA (c/n 42994), this aircraft originally flew with SAS as LN-IAE, named 'Olav Viking'. After having been sold to Japan Air Lines, the DC-4 was powered by Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp 2SD13G or Twin Wasp D3 engines. Sold to Ansett-ANA as a DC-4-D3, registered VH-INK, in April 1964. Arrived at Stansted on 25 June 1965 for conversion to Carvair freighter (c/n DC4/42994/ATL98/20). First flight as a Carvair on 27 October 1965 and delivered to Ansett-ANA on 4 November 1965. Ansett-ANA struck her off in January 1975, after which the Carvair flew with several companies in New Zealand and Hawaii, USA. May 1997 she was bought by Hawkair Aviation Services in British Columbia, Canada, and delivered on 2 June 1997. For two years C-GAAH's main task was transporting gold ore from a mine near the Bronson Creek air strip to Wrangell, AK, until the mine shut down. After having been stored for three years she was sold as N898AT to Brooks Air Fuel at Fairbanks, AK, where she still soldiers on. . Requires ATL 98 Carvair V1.0 aircraft by Jon Walton. jwat98.zip (FS9 Version) here or jwat98_2k2.zip (FS8 Version) here. Repaint by Maarten Brouwer. 807K
FS2004 ATL 98 Carvair Ansett-ANA VH-INM Textures only. Built a C-54E-10-DO Skymaster at Santa Monica, CA, for the USAAF (c/n 27314), powered by four 1,350 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2000-11 engines. After WW2 struck off and converted to DC-4 standard by Douglas at Santa Monica, CA (DC-4 conversion Nr. 13). Delivered to Pan American World Airways. Sold to Japan Air Lines in 1958. Sold to Ansett-ANA as a DC-4-D3, registered VH-INM, in March 1965. Ferried to Southend in 1968 for Carvair freighter conversion (c/n C54E-DC/27314/ATL98/21). VH-INM became the last C-54/DC-4 conversion and was delivered in 1968. It is portrayed in early Ansett livery. The Ansett Carvairs were intended for use as freighters for the Australian airline from the outset. NM is still in flying condition today ('06) as 9J-PAA, in South Africa. Requires ATL 98 Carvair V1.0 aircraft by Jon Walton. jwat98.zip (FS9 Version) here or jwat98_2k2.zip (FS8 Version) here. Repaint by Maarten Brouwer. 1.8MB
FS2004 Royal Nepal Army Shorts Skyvan. The SkyVan is mainly used for Military transport and FreeFall of skydivers for Army Day ceremonies. The Skyvan was operated by RNA(Royal Nepal Army) in 1979, Skyvans now been replaced by Skytrucks. Model by Mike Stone. Repainted by Praz Rim. 4MB

FS2004 Dehavilland/Bombardier Dash8-311 British Airways Package. A 50 seat twin turboprop regional airliner. British Airways Reg: G-NVSB & G-BRYU. An all new FSDS design with 2D panel, Dynamic VC, and Custom Sound. In addition, a custom TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), a complete Ground Handling module with push back and taxi speed control and the latest version GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) is included. The visual model features an opening airstair with detailed cabin interior shown, operating Cargo Door, lift dump and roll control spoilers, passenger wing and cabin views, and high definition reflective textures. A comprehensive set of html documents (Check List & Ref List) are included for in-flight information. A separate Panel_Docs folder with panel and systems help files, pilot's notes and more. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy-Premier Aircraft Design. 25MB
FS2002/FS2004 Hawaii Pacific Air ATL.98 Carvair Textures only. These textures represent Aviation Traders' ATL.98 Carvair #20 N5459X and #21 N5459M in the livery of Hawaii Pacific Air. Although Hawaii Pacific Air owned them only less than 2 years (mid 1990-early 1992) after which they were stored at Honolulu, HI, for over 3 years. They moved ownership several times before Airline Marketing Consultants bought them with the aim to ferry them to South Africa. This whole time they retained their Hawaii Pacific Air colours. In the end only N5459M moved to South Africa where, registered 9J-PAA, she is still airworthy, flying for Phoebus Apollo. N5459X stayed in North America. She, too, is still airworthy, flying for Brooks Fuel as N898AT. These are textures only. You will require Jon Walton's freeware Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvair jwat98.zip (FS9 Version) here or jwat98_2k2.zip (FS8 Version) here.. Repaints, based on Jon Walton's original textures, by Maarten Brouwer. Maarten Brouwer. 1.4MB