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  Props Page 52
FS2004 Saab 340 - Skyways of Sweden Textures only. Repaint by Dave Torkington, original aircraft by Mike Stone available here. Skyways, the second largest airline in Sweden, has operated the Saab 340 since the airline was founded in 1992. 712K
FS2004/2002 Dream Wings Fokker 50 Version 3.0 Prototype Livery. This is the Dream Wings Fokker 50, a highly detailed FS2002 model made in GMAX and FSDS2.24. 32 bit textures used on the fuse for extra detail and dxt3 used everywhere else to make her frame reate friendly, and reduce the download time. Model: Carl Selin & Tommy Hansson Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation UK (My 50th Repaint on Simviation!). 1.8MB
FS2004 Viking Airwork Ltd London Textures only. One of eleven Vikings bought in 1945 for passenger operations the type gave Aiwork its first modern type after World War II serving extensively until the mid fifties, being supplemented and eventually replaced by Viscounts. Requires the FSDS Viking model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 467K
FS2004 Viscount Airwork Ltd Textures only. 1959 A long establish company, Airwork became one of the main constituants of British United Airways. G-APND gleams in this simple but smart livery. The 831 was unusual in being an 810 series but having the wider front door of the 800. The Viscounts were used to replace Vikings mainly on the "Colonioal coach"/Safari route to central Africa. This was operated in association with Hunting Clan another of the main founders of BUA. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 479K
FS2004/2002 Tupolev TU-34 Multirole twin pusher engine light transport aircraft. By J R Lucariny. 1.3MB
FS2004/FS2002 Saab 340 Air New Zealand Link Textures only. This is a repaint of the Saab 340 (required here) by Mike Stone. Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 288K
FS2004 Saab 340B Air France realistic textures Another repaint of the Air france Saab 340B Textures only, requires original aircraft by Mike Stone (required here). Repaint by Gabriel Celeste. 1.4MB
FS2004/FS2002 Saab 340 US Air Textures only. This is a repaint of the Saab 340 (required here) by Mike Stone. Repaint by Geo Winn. 288K
FS2004/2002 Piper Warrior-II PA-28-160, revised once more. The ph-svg is an aircraft of the Rotterdam Flying Club in the Netherlands. Passenger and baggage doors will open, yokes and pedals are movable, and pilot's hand, arm and legs with them. Windows are parts, not textures. reflectiveness is used for parts made of metal and glass. public domain: By Rien Cornelissen. 5.6MB
FS2004 45 SQN ZG-RAFJ Kingair Textures. Requires Mike Hill's Royal Flying Doctor Kingair Package available here. Textures by Dave Charlton. 1.3MB