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  Scenery Page 111

FS2004 Algiers Scenery Package. The designed territory is understood between the 35 54 N and 20 43 N and 001 46 W and 008 25 AND in its north area. In the south part where the big deserts and ergs are it shows from Tindouf in the frontier with Morocco (008 55 W) until Illissi frontier with Tunisia (008 55 AND). Its total width in the north is of 940 kilometers. In the South 1670 kilometers Its north depth to south is of 1816 kilometers. It culminates in the south in Tamanrasset and their dominant mountainous system in the area.They can be carried out north trips to south until Tamanrasset guided by the corresponding radionavs or of Bechar until Ouarzazate and to continue toward the islands Canaries. Author Toni Agramont. 41.5MB

Patch: This pach solves some anomalies detected in some airports of the scenario . 17MB

FS2004 Photoreal Seasonal Vegetation Ground Texture Set. I’ve made a set earlier, and I think that was nice, but not coherent as for the colours, and the scale relation to deafult textures. I’ve fixed these problems, and here is my new set. This is an excellent, realistic Ground Scenery for A, B, F, H, J areas of FS-world (almost the entire Globe: South and North America (except the Southwest), Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia except central areas). The textures show 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter – the hi-winter set remain default). It’s easy to install the set: simply extract the archive to your FS9 folder, but first create a backup from your FS9/Scenery/World/texture folder! If you like my set, please send me some donation through PayPal to kalgyulaATgmailDOTcom to help me creating more photoreal textures. Have good flights with my files! GyulaKalcso. 25.2MB

Fix: These are two scenery fixes to my Photoreal Vegetation Ground Texture Set. One of them let appear the trees in a very frequent texture. Simply install the files to your FS9 folder after installing the whole set. Gyula Kalcsó 70K

FS2004 CFB North Star (CYNS) scenery. This is a completely fictional scenery project intended to serve military traffic in the Canadian Arctic region, as well as acting as home base for 409 Squadron. Features three 12500' runways, navaids, AI parking, and night lighting. Don't stick your tongue to anything metal out here! Project is entirely Freeware, created by Brian Sturton. 883K
FS2004 LYBE 3.1 Belgrade Airport Scenery Package with installer. Belgrade scenery features active docking, precise airport position, photo real airport surrounding and much more. Comes with installer. Scenery by Radoslav Tucakov and Miroslav Sich, apron effects Danilo Sakovic, installer by Nikola Jovanovic. Size: 6 MB
FS2004 Auburn University airport KAUO, Alamaba. Updates include the new ILS-36, a helicopter pad, tower viewpoint from FBO, taxiway addition and designator correction for runway 11-29. Updated in AFCAD by R.E. Wyman. 212K
FS2004 Nobleton CPW3 correction Version 2. This 4-season scenery is to re-locate the CPW3 airport, Nobleton, in the very-busy area of Toronto, in southeren Ontario, Canada. Microsoft placed Nobleton 3 degrees of latitude out of place. This error places the airport about 300 km further north than its real position. Please note that I could not find a way to move an airport this much with "add-on" scenery alone. Unfortunately, the only way I found to relocate this airport is to modify one of the native FS9 files (the modified file is included in this package). The instructions included explain how, and this is reasonably safe to do if you know what you are doing. The package also includes some normal Scenery add-on files to place some builtings in the vicinity of the runway. If you are not comfortable working with folders and files, please do not install this modification in your system. For completely-free distribution only. By Fern Marques. 22K
FS2004 George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, KIAH, version 2.0 Flightlevel390 is proud to present to you KIAH-Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport.This scenery was created using EZ-Scenery object placer & Instant Scenery.This scenery WILL NOT work in FS X. 4.8MB
FS2004 KGTU Georgetown, TX Scenery -This is not a full update on KGTU or 100% acrurate but it does add static planes,hangars,and new AFCAD file. Created By Andy Nixon *kgturwy12.BGL requires RWy 12. Created using RWY12 and AFCAD. 4K
FS2004 CFB North Star - CYNS scenery (version 3). A fictional base intended to serve military traffic in the Canadian Arctic region, as well as acting as home base for 409 Squadron. Features three 12500' runways, navaids, AI parking, and night lighting. Project is entirely Freeware, created by Brian Sturton. 873K
FS2004 EHRD Rotterdam/ Valkenburg 1963 Scenery Package. Although Valkenburg is a military airfield, we think you will like it. It is located not far from Rotterdam, in the neighbourhood of The Hague, and in our opinion is an essential part of the triangle Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, all located in the west part of the Netherlands. By Harry Biard, Jaap de Baare, Tom gibson and Wolfgang Gersch. 4.6MB