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  Scenery Page 17
FS2004 Scenery Enhancements Innsbruck, Austria New roads, railroads, streams, river, land- and waterclass for the LOWI area, Austrian Alps. Based on satellite imagery. A small, "Sunday afternoon" product to illustrate the visual improvements possible with Ground2K4. Looks best with one of the SRTM add-on meshes. Includes my Ground2K4 source code so that others can change or add to this scenery. By Holger Sandmann. 1.4MB
FS2004 - Canberra Airport , ACT - Australia. This is a basic representation of Canberra Airport & Telstra Tower that I made for a friend that lives in Canberra. Also includes an updated but basic AFCAD2 file. Ian Thatcher. 1.8MB
FS2004 Barrage Gouin, Quebec, Canada. This my scenery of this dam north of La Tuque. You can land both on water and land. An ideal place for bush pilots. Night lightning added to the dam. Fuel area near the dock. Comments are welcome! By: Jean St-Cyr. 1.7MB
FS2004, Trinidad International, Piarco. TTPP This scenery is an all new Piarco from the ground up. The new terminal has been completely redone for a crisper and much better shaded look. The hangar area also includes the BWIA hangars and maintenance facility complete with their offices, machine shop, and storage hangars full of crates containing aircraft parts. The old terminal has also been re-textured and improved upon. The new look of this airport is credited to Stanley Augustus, who sent me numerous photographs of this airport from every angle. This scenery will not work in previous versions of FS. By: Bill Melichar. 6.8MB
FS2004 Columbia Airport. South Carolina (KCAE) 1) The new Columbia airport terminal and parking deck; 2) AFCAD2 file to properly place and identify the Gates associated with the proper airlines and to also add the airport roads; 3) LAGO FSE file to add static scenery such as aircraft, maintenance vehicles, etc.. 874K
FS2004 KEYQ Weiser Modification. This is my first airport modification that i have made. This file simply adds a few helipads and re-do's the approach and runway lights. YOU MUST HAVE AFCAD v2.11 to add this modification (available here). This is for the pilots that love to fly in and out of small airports. By Chase Barnett. 2K
FS2004 New Asphalt Taxiway textures for the default fs2004 taxiways. Intended to simulate a more realistic looking asphalt rather than the light gray color that MS created. All that you need to do is overwrite the old file with this new one. make share that you back up the old just incase you do not like the look of the new. J Stucki. 164K
FS2004/2002 Castle Teck Castle Teck in southern Germany near Stuttgart is an important landmark of the region and a quite nice one. It was founded 1150 and is now a ruin with some new buildings in medieval style. It is in the vicinty of Hahnweide Airfield famous for model- and sailplane championships and an vintage aircraft meeting. The scenery features seasonal textures, a smoking chimney (Oct.to March), ridge lift and flying buzzards as dynamic scenery. Happy flying! By Dietrich.Steffens. 5.2MB
FS2004 New Carrier Deck Textures. This is a new carrier deck texture only for the fs2004 Waikato carrier package (here), It is to simulate a more realistic looking deck rather than the light gray color that the package used. All that you need to do is overwrite the old file with this new one. make share that you back up the old just incase you do not like the look of the new. Jared Stucki. 261K
FS2004 Revised Improved Radio Tower Lighting: Ever wondered why Microsoft decided to make the lighting on radio towers impossible to see until you about to run into them?? Well, now they are visible from a good distance,as in real life, with these improved tower lights! Now more accurate timing. Matthew L. Purcell. 65K