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FS2004 Enhanced Scenery for Tulsa, OK: This is an addon for the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Adds several notable buildings not included with FS2004, as well as repairs some errors in the surrounding area. Created with Derek Leung's awesome FS Scenery Creator. by Matthew L. Purcell. 111K

FS2004 Enhanced Scenery for Tulsa, OK, #2. Final Touch on Tulsa: This addon adds a couple of more buildings, mainly to downtown, and changes the size of the new downtown building, and the textures on the BOK Tower. by Matthew L. Purcell. 101K

FS2004 - RAAF Base Butterworth This scenery is a complete remake of my FS2002 version and is now fully compatible with FS2004 and now covers RAAF Base Butterworth, Penang Town (Georgetown) and Butterworth Port. Includes Full Textures, AFCAD2 Files as well as Landclass Scenery. Airport Layout was made using Airport for Windows and AFCAD2 and is not compatible with FS2002 .To display correctly you need to have the “Nova” and “Nova Gold” textures as well as “Gerrish Gray’s Trees” (here) Copyright: Bill Holker. 2.8MB
FS2004, Tobago International Airport, Crown Point, TTCP By: Bill Melichar This scenery requires the Antilles Group, Antilles 2004 scenery to be installed before it can be used (antilles.zip). It adds several upgrades to the airport including a retextured terminal, which is now more accurately depicted, all new shops in front of the airport which now blend in with the flea market, extensive landscaping upgrades along with the parking lot, a new hangar / office building, a new satellite dish on the tower, tarmac night lighted textures with new ramp lights, wider turnouts at each end of the runway, and it fixes some of the areas around the airport where the ocean appears to be running uphill, and where buildings are out in the ocean. This scenery will not work with previous versions of FS. 7.5MB
FS2004 London Luton-EGGW, UK, Included are the new East Apron,North Apron. custom built Control Tower, Britannia Hangers, Signature hanger, Terminals, and Runway signage. Author Paul Roberts. 1.7MB
FS2004 KORD/O'Hare International Enhancement. AFCAD .bgl file for KORD/O'Hare International Adds parking, gates, heliport, lake O'Hare and corrected runway and taxiway surfaces. Requires AFCAD available here. Trace Lewis 59K
FS2004 C77/Poplar Grove Airport in Belvideer, IL Enhancement. AFCAD .bgl file for C77/Poplar Grove Airport in Belvideer, IL Adds parking,ramps,new taxiways, corrected runway and taxiway surfaces, and makes all runways useable by AI. Requires AFCAD available here. Trace Lewis. 28K
FS2004 LIDF Fano - Pesaro, Italy. Location: N43°49'31" E13°01'40". VFR Scenery. Claudio Grassi. 1.1MB
FS2004/2002 Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick / Prince Edward Island, Canada This is a representation of the Confederation Bridge, connecting the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, in Canada. The representation is relatively simple, but so is the real bridge (2 lanes, 12 metres wide total, aproximately 12 km long). The complexity of the real bridge is in it engineering that proved to be a major challenge, involving some of the worst ice and current conditions to which a bridge can be exposed. The model can be seen from 20 km away, and it is in its acurate position, unlike the airspace restriction zone depicted in FS2004. It was created using Easy Object Designer and Flight Simulator Scenery Creator by Fern Marques. 238K
FS2004 Orlando International Airport Update: On February 19th 2004 Orlando International opened new runway 17L/35R. This new runway is 9,000'x 150' and was built to accomodate triple simultaneous ILS landings. To add the new runway you must have AFCAD v2.11 or higher for FS 2004 by Lee Swordy (here). 36K