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FS2004 Mt. St. Helens Flight Experience. This is the latest installment of my Mt. St. Helens Flight Experience scenery. This scenery replaces my previous Mt. St. Helens scenery package (mshscenery_fix.zip), and greatly enhances flight around the Mt. St. Helens area. Features of this upgrade include an area of approximately 500 square miles covered in photorealistic ground textures taken from a 15 meter-per-pixel resolution satellite photograph. I've also repositioned the Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center to its true position, and I've enhanced it via use of RWY12. In addition, I've added all of the Mt. St. Helens Visitor Centers in the coverage area, I've packaged more flights to enhance the experience, and I've included my latest fixes to the default Bell 206 repaint depicting the Hoffstadt Bluffs helicopter - in two liveries, both current and a mid-90s livery! Scenery Design and Copyright (C) 2005 Steven Rosenow. 50MB

FS2004 DTW Terminal Scenery This is a FS2004 scenery of KDTW, Detroit Metro Wyane County. I have added an improved midfield terminal as well as the future North Terminal which is optional to add. This way you can have the scenery as it is today or as it will be in 2008 when the new North Terminal is done. I have included jetways at all gates that only appear under "dense" airport detail settings. This scenery is designed to look good but also maintain low frame rates. Includes AFCAD 2 file. Requires NOVA Gold Textures and Nova Custom Textures here. By Mike Magner. 508K
FS2004 Dynamic Water Effects. Author recommends anyone to view screenshots before installing. As always back up original BMP files befpre installing & Install into a Temp Directory before FS2004! (othew water effects also available on this site) Michael Woolsey. 5.2MB
FS2004 Swiss Alps 01 AFCAD for the little Swiss aiports located in the Alps. LSMN_Raron ; 7 GA Small, 2 GA Medium. LSPM_Ambri ; 14 GA Small, 9 GA Medium ; 5 GA Large, 3 helipad. LSMC_Ulrichen ; 4 GA Small, 1 GA Medium , 1 helipad. It's a fictionnal AFCAD, i get make soon the real AFCAD. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 52K
FS2004 Fort Lauderdale International Airport - KFLL Version 1.1. Scenery enhancement for Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Ads apron areas, hangers and adds some buildings and trees to the default scenery. Serves the Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida Area of south Florida.It is located 30 miles north of Miami, Florida. AFCAD2 must be installed along with the scenery.Read the KFLLReadme.txt for Update Info. JC McCormick. 5.1MB

FS2004 Arkansas scenery. Featuring 20 highly-detailed airports. This scenery features buildings and hangers with night lighting and signs. The scenery was designed using Jeppesen Airport Diagrams, Aerial photographs and many other sources. Tom Jones. 6.7MB

FS2004 AFCAD2 file for Cherry Capital airport (KTVC) in Traverse City, Michigan. This airport has gone through some major changes recently and this is an attempt to keep up. Adds new taxiways/tarmac and correct parking for general aviation and the Coast Guard Air Station. By Matt Magner. 40K