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  Scenery Page 72
FS2004 The Navy Helo landing trainer(HLT). The HLT is located in Mobile Al, Bay near KBFM airport. Turn to heading 133 from KBFM and you should run across it. Phil Floyd. 913K
FS2004 Vancouver International Airport-CYVR42v+ Upgrade to make CYVR42 compatible with Vancouver+ (payware scenery by Patch and Sandmann). Must have CYVR42 (here) installed (with or without fps fix) By P Nigel Grant, Vancouver. 1.5MB
FS2004 Bush Flying 492C Cargo Pub- This airport is a made up airport in Montana for private use especially for cargo runs. Created in Lee Swordy's AFCAD v2.21 Andrew Baxley. 126K
FS2004 Al Udeid Airforce Base (OTBH) AFCAD Al Udeid AB in Qatar is the most technologically advanced military base in the world and boasts the longest runway in the Persian Gulf region. It was built at the cost of more than a billion dollars and has since replaced Prince Sultan AB as the US nerve center in the region. Al Udeid is home of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing which hosts several squadrons of aircraft from the US, UK, and Australia. Created using satellite photos and various other photos. Includes some simple flightplans to add some activity to the base. By Matt Magner. 251K
FS2004 North Cascades for FSAddon Vancouver+ This is a re-issue of my previously published landscape enhancements for the North Cascades of Washington State (here), edited and adjusted to be fully compatible with FSAddon's Vancouver+ product and can be used with or without Ultimate Terrain USA or Canada\Alaska. Also included are batch files to allow for full compatibility with Georender 4 "Darrington" published by LAGO. By Holger Sandmann. 11.9MB

FS2004 Fly and Drive Country. This is another masterpiece by the fantastic GARversion. This is a full country entirely made by GARversion. This scenery is not the size of the US, so this is limited up to a Learjet 45 size, if you can manage a bigger size, then it is up to you to fly a 737-300 jet around. You can also use a Airport bus all over the country. The Airport bus is in fact included in this file. And also includes winter and summer scenery. Installing is fast and easy. Enjoy flying and driving in this fabulous Country, The Great Green States. By: Gareth Scott. 5.2MB

Update/Fix: Includes missing AFCAD files. 2.9MB

FS2004 Tucson Photoreal Package. This is a photoreal depiction of the Tucson Arizona Valley. This regional scenery has been created from aerial photos at 2 foot per pixel source resolution. This scenery has custom built night textures so the flying doesn't have to end when the sun goes down as well as full autogen. There are two airports covered in this project; Tucson International and Davis-Monthan AFB. Both airports have reworked AFCADs and repositioned structures. There will be future expansions to this scenery. By Dan Relfe. 260MB Tusphoto.zip
FS2004 KTKI, McKinney Municipal Airport, Texas AFCAD2 file Version 5. Updated the parking, added more spaces, generally improved the airport to be even more realistic. Now updated to fit airport renovations as of June 2005. By Zachary Smith. 312K
FS2004 Grano de Oro Airport v3.11 The Universitary City of LUZ Maracaibo, Province of Zulia Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. By Cesar Marcano. 433K
FS2004 Porlamar Luisa Caceres de Arismendi Airport, Venezuela AFCAD File. The international airport of porlamar, sadly closed towarding to New International Airport called "General Santiago Mariņo", the airport has been abandoned. By Cesar Marcano. 16K