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  Scenery Page 73
FS2004 Iceland 7.0 Build Special thanks to Sveinbjorn Olafsson and Gunnar Ingi Briem for all information!! This version has: All larger airfields from version 6.5 All smaller airfields on Iceland with artistic scenery objects completely new The scenery works on the standard base scenery with FS2004. Rick Schuitemaker. 2.4MB
FS2004 Four Military Airfields in Yorkshire, UK. RAF Topcliffe, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, RAF Dishforth, RAF Church Fenton. Each airfield has realistically modelled RAF World War 2 buildings, including; Officers mess, MT Section, Workshops, Barrack blocks, Hangers, Towers, Station HQ, Guard house, and many more. Also in the package are 2 simple AI flightplans for both Church Fenton and Linton-on-Ouse. Extra Aircraft will be required, and are explained in the extensive documentation. UKSD Team. 8.9MB (see update here)
FS2004 New Environmental Map. This is a new envmap bmp file for fs2004 which will add a greater illusion of clouds and ground textures reflecting on the various reflective textures in fs2004 unlike the default envmap which to me only seemed to be reflecting the ground only. By Pedro Padilla. 18K
FS2004 New Taxiway Textures. This a new set of two taxiway textures (asphalt & concrete) for fs2004 which will add a greater amount of of detail than the defualt ones. Now you will be able to see cracks and other wear and tear like you would see in the real world. Pedro A. 878K
FS2004 Suwannee County Airport Live Oak, Florida (AFCAD File). This particular file includes the textures for Suwannee County's Public Airport -24J. After seeing that FS2004 dosen't have the things 24J got 3 years ago, I set out to fix this problem. After 28 hours of brutal research and time spent on this product, I am glad to finally be able to get it out to the public. This update includes 12 parking spots on 24J apron, a added taxiway that reaches out to runway 7 that was cemented in 4 years ago, VASI lights which were put in last year, and several smaller details. Alex Melia. 10K
FS2004 RJGG Chubu Centrair International Airport, Japan. Chu-bu Kokusai Ku-ko is located on an artificial island 30 minutes south from Nagoya Japan. Scenery by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. Airport Island BGL & texture by Kenichi Ochiai. 9.7MB
FS2004 The Britannia Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales. Britannia Bridge scenery for flight simulator 2004 by Dyl Roberts. 1.8MB
FS2004 AFCAD files for George Knowles Thailand Military bases. They can be found here. This is first in a series of Files to include AI flights of aircraft assigned to these bases. I would like to thank Mr. Knowles for his permission to list these files. He has created a wonderful scenery packages for 1960's-70's Viet Nam era bases in SEA. AFCAD's were devolped using Lee Swordy's AFCAD 2.21. Larry Steinborn. 304K
FS2004 Grass Ground Detail Version 1.0 This add on upgrades the default Ms "bump map" detail ground textures to a more hi- res look. Unlike the default ground detail, now you will be able to actual individual blades of grass. As always - back up your originals. Pedro A. 784K

FS2004 Harare & Victoria Falls V1.1 Airport sceneries for Harare and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, packaged as a complete scenery for the convenience of new users. Existing users of my V1.0 scenery (removed from Avsim to avoid confusion) can instead download a patch file to fix a small texture bug on the roof of the main terminal (see below). 5.7MB

Zimbabwe Airports 32 Bit Textures. My 32-bit textures for the airports of Harare (FVHA) and Victoria Falls (FVFA) above . This archive contains only the 32-bit format replacement textures for use with my sceneries for Harare and Victoria Falls that are also hosted on Simviation. This archive has been made separate because people using dial-up access shouldn't be forced to upload gargantuan texture files simply to enjoy a new airport or two. 9.1MB

Patch: BGL patch to cure texture problem at Harare Airport A small patch for Harare & Victoria Falls airport scenery V1.1, until recently hosted on Avsim. This small BGL file will cure a texture problem on the main terminal at Harare. It is not required for the full V1.1 scenery available here on Simviation.com. This download is recommended for dial-up users and saves you having to upload almost 5mb of data for a fix of about 40kb.

Created by Matthew Ministry.