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  Scenery Page 92
FS 2004 Randolph AFB Scenery Package. Very highly detailed scenery, with this being the fourth version. Many imrovements since the last version, including many new structures. Includes photo-realistic seasonal ground textures and extensive night lighting, as well as loads of custom-made buildings. Complete package includes AFCAD files and AI aircraft. By James Shaddox. 30MB
FS2004 Chicago Meigs Field. The coolest little airport on the planet. Scenery featuring realistic tarmac, runway, taxiway lines, night texturing, and custom buildings. By Colin McGlothlin. (Previous version had 11125 downloads). 8.5MB
FS2004 Sweden and Norway Scenery Package. North of the SRTM-covered parts of the world, made possible by Jonathan de Ferranti's project. With SRTM-terrain becoming more and more common, I started to have dreams of Scandinavia (including Iceland) in full SRTM-glory. No luck. Then I stumbled over Jonathan de Ferranti's site, and decided to give it a try myself. And, here be the results. As I'm no experienced terrain-designer, I don't know how to edit the terrain itself, so this is not a perfect rendition. Lakes and rivers are at the wrong elevation, making peculiar ravines and pits here and there, there might be one or two entirely flat zones - I have no idea what causes this. But on the whole, much better-looking than the default scenery. As far as I can tell, no crashes, at least along with default scenery. If you can do it better, go right ahead. You'll find the .hgts at de Ferranti's site (URL included here). I used LandSerf to convert HGT to BIN. Arve Eriksson. 54.8MB
FS2004 AI Roads.Zip Fender Bender Alley. This Freewhare package. puts ai traffic on the roads' take a car, a urvan, a bus, a excavator, a truck' or a honda motorbike' on the roads around GSO1. One of my anartic zip airports. Models built in FSDv3. Scenery addons in EZ scenery. Both softwhare' by abacus. The models are basic beginners models, with basic model textures. All wheels are animated' lights interestingly arranged. All files for ai included. Frank Ovenden. 12.3MB
FS2004 Ramona Scenery Upgrade. Description:this upgrades the default land class for the area around KRNM, one of busiest airports in San Diego county. This adds the SDCE and farmlands for the town of Ramona, CA. This is my This land class was bulit using EZ land class. By Andrew Stevens. 621K
FS2004 Malta International Airport. The current scenery contains: Re-designed airfield + taxiways Accurate parking + taxi markings for Parks 1,4 + 9 Accurate taxiway markings Airfield taxi signs Airfield Perimeter fence Buildings included are MIA terminal, Park 8 cargo terminal, Airmalta Hangars 1, 2 & 3, DCA Building, C/tower, Wx & Approach Radar, AFM Hangars. Adjust the scenery complexity level for different levels of detail. Remember, the greater the detail the lower the frame-rate. Daniel Chircop. 35MB
FS2004, EGBV Silverstone Circuit & Airport, UK. The altitude and alignment of which has been adjusted to suit the "Visual Flight" UK VFR Scenery and VFR Terrain, so the "flatten" has minimal impact on the view. Chris Eve. 165K
FS2004 West Australian Landing Areas A collection of Western Australian country airstrips version 1 By Alan Blencowe. 3.4MB
FS2004 Sal International Airport Update & fixes. It is located 2 km (1.3 miles) west southwest from Espargos on Sal Island. Until September 2005, it was the only airport in Cape Verde to serve international flights. (Cape Verde's other commercial airport is near Praia on Santiago Island.)This file fixes the parkings at Sal International Airport (Amilcar Cabral International Airport) There are 7 Civil parks (p1 ->p7) and 2 Military parks (m1 & m2). 34K
FS2004 Ezeiza International Airport - Buenos Aires - Argentina v1.5. Very realistic scenery of Argentina's main international airport. Based on satelite images to provide excellent accuracy with the real airport. Corrections made to improe compatibility with FS2004. By Andrés Oggero. 3.8MB