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  Vintage Page 16
FS2004 Avianca (Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia) Douglas DC-4 Registration HK-172. From January 22 of 1947 AVIANCA (National Airways of Colombia). FS Design Studio 2.20 complete reworked and improved model. Features full animated moving-parts with rolling wheels, suspension, steerable nose gear... It was a difficult but pleasant work for my REPAINT thanking to those that made this great one model REPAINT:JULIO MUÑOZ RAMIREZ. FDE reworked for FS2004 by Guenter Kirschstein. Livery paint by Dale DeLuca. Base design & textures by Arik Hohmeyer, complete design rework by Chris Grabow (FS-Design Berlin). 1.5MB
FS2004 Mitsubishi A6M2-21 Zero Package (Updated) - Take a flight with a classic WWII fighter aircraft used extensively in the Pacific Theatre by the Japanese Navy. Three paint schemes. The Imperial Japananese Navy Circa 1941, Circa 1942, Circa 1943. The Circa 1941 texture was derived from the avhistory.org texture and modified by m to reflect the 1941 paint scheme. The Circa 1942 texxture was derived from an unknown freeware source and modified by me. The Circa 1943 texture was derived from the avhistory.org texture and modifed to create a darker dark gray green texture. Virtual Cockpit panel now contains gauges. New and I believe better flight dynamics. Visual crash damage effects (aircraft breaks up). Can belly land aircraft if done carefully. Corrected textures to reflect accurate wing markings. Checklists etc. now in html format. New and better placed smoke effects. Other changes. Thanks, Craig Knoell. 9.5MB Requires Concorde Gauge - available here
FS2004 Swiss Air Lines Douglas DC-4 HB-ILU. One of the six DC-4 operated by Swiss Air Lines in the 40´s and 50´s, HB-ILU was latter trasfered to BALAIR for Charter services, mainly with the Mediterranean area destinations. Original by ARIK HOHMEYER AND FS-DESIGN BERLIN Repainted and flight dynamics by Daniel Nole. 1.9MB
FS2004/2002 North American P-51D Miss Ashley II & Power House III (Fictional) Package (Updated). . FEATURES: A panel, sound, airshow smoke and effects - as well as 2 panoramic cockpit films. Requries the latest version off Quicktime. * Exhaust Flames - triggered by pressing Light Key - 'L' toggle key. * Airshow display type smoke triggered by pressing Smoke - 'I' toggle key. The culmination of over a months challenging work by AVA's texture and effects designers. Original Model by Roger Dial, Repainted by By Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 5.9MB
FS2004 Douglas B-23 "Dragon" Bomber The B-23 was the bomber version of the DC-3, but much slimmer and more powerful. This is an update of my earlier model to make it compatible with FS2004. It has the usual animations, improved textures and model, dynamic shine, and nav and landing lights. It uses the default DC-3 panel and sound. By Paul Clawson. 302K
FS2004 Fiat G55 Centauro in fictitious RCAF colours Textures only. . I loved the fiat G55 Centauro and thought it was a joy to fly so I decided to do a repaint of it. Enjoy. Requires Jerry Beckwith / Ignacio Alfredo Mendive original Fiat G55 Centauro (here). Repainted by Ludo Lambrechts. 402K
FS2002/FS2004 Lockheed L-1049E HK-177 Super Constellation (Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia)Avianca. In the year 1950 Avianca the first Lockheed acquired L-1049G/E which it used them in the routes of Bogotá. Miami,New York, , Caracas, Lima. Madrid, Paris,Londres The hk-177, crash January 21 -1960 Montengo Bay near Jamaica Repaint BY JULIO MUÑOZ RAMIREZ Super Constellation (no tank) A complete aircraft with several mods to the cfg file including fuel quantity and burn rate,Thanks to includes complete panel with interior views by Louis Betti, and sounds by Hans-Peter Christeler. By Rick Wooton. 12.1MB
FS2004/2002 Adolf Galland Messerschmitt Bf109E-4/N - This is Adolf Galland's Messerschmitt Bf109E-4/N (Wrk.N. 5819) of III Grupp, JG26 "Schlageter". Perhaps one of the most famous aircraft in World War II, Galland's "Emil" is well known for the yellow cowling and Galland's personal "Mickey Mouse" emblem on the side of the aircraft. Features moving control surfaces, realistic asymmetrical retraction of the landing gear, realistic pilot, and fully detailed interiors. Aircraft model by Remy Laven and with new and realistic textures by Rodion M. Herrera. 3.7MB