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FS2004 Douglas DC-3 World Rally 2004 Default Textures. This is a repaint of the default DC-3 in a specially commissioned livery for the 2004 DC-3 World Rally, organised by the team at DC-3 Airways VA. Visit www.dc3airways.com for information about this exciting event, which runs from 15 October through 30 October 2004. Thereafter, you can keep this lovely lady as a souvenir of how well you flew! This livery is also available for the MAAM-SIM FS2004/FS2002 Passenger DC-3 as wr4_maam.zip. By Mark Beaumont, VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways. 535K
FS2004 Boeing F4B-4 This FSDSv2 project is painted for the CAG of VF-6 assigned to the USS Saratoga (CV-3) during the early 1930's. It has the usual animations, pilot figure, Nav lights, and a specular color shine.The 2D panel and the VC are based on an actual photo. By Paul Clawson. 471K
FS2004 Default DC3 Avianca Textures for FS2004 default DC3. Avianca is the first airliner in the Americas Smokes included for all default DC3 By Alejandro Villa. 1.8MB

FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A Constellation, in TWA, KLM, and PAA bare metal liveries. All new GMAX aircraft, panel, and XML gauges. Complete package includes aircraft, panel, and sound. Install program for easy setup. This is a very accurate representation of the L-049A Connie in the late 1940's, but in other liveries flew into the 1960's. Details include accurate flight dynamics, full fuel distribution panel, flight engineer's panel, high quality texturing, and many others. This version 1 does not contain a VC, which will be added in a later release. 31MB

FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A Constellation Update. The negative lift effect by elevator using "Lift on Elevator" is removed. You can land now easy and perfectly with this new *.air- and *.cfg-file. This great Aircraft by FSDZigns is now also more stable in the AP LOC and GS mode... better ILS holding. Modifications: Lift on Elevator, AP Loc and GS Holding, Cruise Lift Scalar, Flap Pitch Moment, Trim Elevator and Aileron Sensivity, Flap Drag. Try the File... Download File Size 14kb, Modifications by Roy Hahmann. 15K

FS2004/2002 Gloster E29/39 Pioneer The Meteor would never have been built if the Gloster E29/39 had not proved successful. Only two E28/39's (unofficially known as the Gloster Pioneer) were built but they proved the viability of the turbojet as a power source for a fighter aircraft and paved the way for the jet age to begin in Britain. FSDS2 model with full moving parts, detailed textures, custom panel, specular shine, reflective textures, fully functional VC, accurate FDE's and more...Model&FDE's:Felipe Belalcazar, Panel:Warren Wright Textures:Tony Marinac. 10.8MB
FS2004 KNIML Fokker FVIIb/3m. The Fokker FVII trimotor was one of the most successful airliners of 1925-1935. The first four FVIIb/3m with extended wings were delivered to Royal Dutch East-Indian Airways in 1928. By Jens B. Kristensen. 2.4MB
FS2004 DC-3 Intra-Jersey Textures. This was the original aircraft that started Intra in the late sixties and led through expansion, take overs, and after becomming Jersey European, then British European is now Flybe: Repaint of default Douglas DC3 by Garry Russell. 1.7MB