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  Vintage Page 75
FS2004 Fairchild F-91 Package: In 1935 Pan American engineers working closely with A. A. Gassner developed this amphibious aircraft that was to be known as the Fairchild F-91. It was an all metal shoulder wing monoplane intended to carry eight passengers. The aircraft featured fully retractable landing gear . While a very attractive airplane only eleven were ever produced with two of those going to the Brazilian subsidiary of Pan American for use on the Amazon River. Two F-91s went to the Japanese Navy for testing and were used as liaison aircraft. The last F-91 produced was purchased by American Millionaire Gar Wood who had it named “Wings of Mercy” and painted in RAF colors. He donated it to the RAF and they sent it to Egypt to perform SAR duties. Model, VC Panel, Panel, flight dynamics & Textures By Chris Herring. 5.9MB
FS2004 Sikorsky S-43 Golden Hawaii Update (Corrected). This is a correction for my update for FS 9 of the Sikorsky S-43 of the Golden Hawaii package by Lynn and Bill Lyons(available here). The correction is that I added float points to the outriggers, not just scrape points. This correction includes all the first update had so you only need this one to also have the following: updated flight dynamics, added some float points, and changed the spray effect.s . I have updated the flight dynamics, added some float points, and changed the spray effect. Bob Chicilo. 91K
FS2004 Update 2 for Mike Stone's Consolidated PBY5A . This is my second update for FS 9 of Mike Stone's Consolidated PBY5A (available here). I have redone the flight dynamics because I noticed it stuck when stopped on water, added some float points, a water rudder, changed the water effect, and repositioned the outside air temperature gauge that I missed doing the first time. Bob Chicilo. 79K
FS2004 Northrop Alpha, Transcontinental & Western Air (which was to become TWA) was the launch customer and ordered 5 alphas. Those aircraft began services on April 20, 1931 from San Francisco to New York with 13 intermediate stops. The entire trip took just over 23 hours. The Alpha had a multicellular wing of stressed skin construction. It was also first commercial type to be equipped with rubber deicer boots. A total of 17 Alphas were produced. Model, VC Panel, Panel, flight dynamics & Textures By Chris Herring. 2.7MB
FS 2004 Waco S3HD The Waco S3HD was produced in both a civilian and military version. The military version was sold to the pre WW2 Cuban Air Force. This model represents a restoration of a civilian version which has been flying for about 40 years. It is a FSDSv3 project and includes all the usual FS2004 animations, transparent glass, nav and landing lights, and the unique transparent fuselage section showing some control linkages. The VC has working gauges and moving controls. By P. Clawson. 515K
FS2004 B-24J Liberator. First flown in Dec. '39, the early B-24s were used by the RAF in the transport role initially, later on long-range anti-sub patrols. Although the C model saw limited use in the Mid-East, the D model was the first mass-produced Liberator in widespread use. Later variants broke many production records and served in every theatre of war with all the Allied nations. Total production of the B-24 was over 19,000 units when the lines closed in 1945. Model : P Perrott/ Alphasim. 2.8MB
FS2004 De Havilland DH-16 G-EALU Pack. The end of World War I and the subsequent vast surplus of military aircraft was not a time for new civil designs to emerge. Instead, many conversions of military models were attempted, but the de Havilland D.H.16 was a redesign of the D.H.9A with a wider fuselage for four passengers. Following its first flight at Hendon in March 1919, the D.H.16 was sold to Aircraft Transport and Travel Ltd (AT&T), who used it for pleasure flying before it inaugurated a London-Paris service on 25 August of that year. Model, VC (virtual cockpit) Panel, Panel, flight dynamics & Textures By Chris Herring. 4.4MB

FS2004 X04U-1 Corsair Floatplane Package: Only one X04U-1 was built for the NAVY and first flew in 1931. It was Vought's first airplane with a monocoque fuselage and fabric covered metal wing structure. It could be mounted on wheels or floats. It crashed during flight test prior to Navy acceptance. Its intended purpose was as a scouting and observation aircraft. It never made it into production but the seaplane version was planed so this is a speculative texture set for this aircraft. Model by Chris Herring. Flight dynamics by David Wooster and Chris Herring. Textures by Chris Herring. 4MB

FS2004 X04U-1 Corsair Floatplane Update. This is an update to my X04U. I have added a VC Cockpit and a few other small details. You will need my original X04U Corsair Floatplane model. By Chris Herring. 962K

FS2004 Messerschmitt Bf-109E Package by FsFrance. Completee aircraft by Pierre Marchadier, with 2 liveries (Adolf Galland and Kostia Rozanoff) by Gilles Mercier, flight dynamics by Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Benoît Dube, photorealistic panel and gauges by Jean-Pierre Langer. Paintkit included. Detailed documentation in English and French. 19.3MB

FS2004 Boeing RB-50F Superfortress Package (updated). The Boeing RB-50F Superfortress was a special reconnaissance version of the B-50. Visual model by Tom Kohler based on previous freeware source from various designers - huge credits included! Accurate, 'hand flyer' Flight Model by Tom Kohler, built using Flight Model Workbook version 2005-14 from mudpond.org and based on the 1% B-29A flight model from Gregory Pierson from avhistory.org. Multi-resolution GMAX model, including clickable virtual flight deck - with flight engineer compartment, fully animated. Reflective textures with dynamic shine also in the VC, gauges from Microsoft CFS2, backlighted VC gauges, custom effects, HTML Checklists and Documentation. Sound package aliased to the B-29B base package so download it (here) or alias to another aircraft. By Tom 'Gnoopey' Kohler. 34.3MB