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  Vintage Page 93
FS2004 Dunne D8. A flying-wing aircraft designed for high stability. Circa 1913. By Edward Cook. 5.4MB
FS2004 Demoiselle 22 Package. Real aircraft created by Alberto Santos Dumont, in 1909, The brazilian flyer. Take a flight back in time with the first ultralight. New version with highly detailed model, moving parts, virtual cockpit, created by Marco and Marcel Di Foggi in FSDS3-5. Complete updated version. 5.5MB

FS2004 Hawker Typhoon Package. ALPHA Simulations 2004. The Hawker Typhoon was an adventurous design intended to take full advantage of unique and complex Napier Sabre engine. This powerplant was a 24-cylinder arrangement, essentially comprising two horizontally-opposed flat-twelve engines conjoined in a pancaked manner. The engine had many teething problems which were ultimately sorted, but prevented the Typhoon from becoming the plane it should have been until late in the war. The aircraft itself was not without its troubles, many being lost due to the aircraft losing its entire tail section whilst in flight! The engine never proved effective at the high altitudes of aerial combat, and the aircraft was thus relegated to the more hazardous role of ground attack, where it came into its own and wreaked havoc on enemy supply lines and communications. By Alpha Simulations. 3.9MB
FS2004 Caproni - Pensuti 2. Prototype GA aircraft. Designed to do "what a bicycle does for the man on the road". Emilio Caproni died attempting to save a life and did not see it fly. Circa. 1918 Upgraded pilot, textures, engine and undercart. Ver. 03, By Edward Cook. 5.7MB

FS2004 Republic P-47M-1 Base Package v2.3. The Republic P-47M-1 was the fastest of the production Thunderbolt models built by Republic based on a design from Major Alexander de Seversky. An installation 'Wizard' will help you install the multi-resolution P-47 Gmax model, including clickable virtual cockpit, full animation, reflective textures with dynamic shine, backlighted VC gauges, custom effects, HTML checklists and documentation (enhanced with pages from original Pilot Operating and Training Manuals) as well as droppable tanks. The archive contains two different 3D models - one classic 3D cockpit based on a D-28 and a modernized one with mostly Concorde instruments - a 2D panel for those who want (by hand activation necessary). It includes a 'bare' aluminium base texture set. Sound package included. DXT3 as well as high resolution 888-type 32-bit textures are included. Liveries done for earlier versions up to v2.2 should fit this version. For more changes vice versa v2.2 see included change log. Package by Tom Kohler. Filename P47M_923.zip 33.9MB

FS2004 Republic P-47M-1 - Additional 3D model option & revised base pack livery (high & low resolution) texture sets for P-47M-1-RE - base pack file 'P47M_923.zip'. Package also contains production gauges and revised panel.cfg's. By Tom Kohler. 14.2MB

FS2004 Howard DGA-15P. The Howard DGA-15 was first produced in 1940 and was quite luxurious for the time. About 40 were produced for the civilian market. Later production was for the Navy as a air ambulence and the Air Corps as a utility transport. This is a FSDSv3.51 project compiled with Makemdl into FSX2004. It has the usual animations, Nav lights and Landing lights. It uses .dds textures. The 2D panel and VC are based on a early photo. The VC has working gauges and animated controls. By Paul Clawson. 1.1MB

FS2004 Vickers-Armstrong Wellington Set. Wellington 1C, II and III. Vickers Wellington Mk.II\n\nThe prototype Mk.II flew on March 3 1939 and was intended as an insurance measure against non-availability of the radial engines. The Mk.II utilized the Rolls-Royce Merlin X engine, greatly increasing the operational altitude and service ceiling. Alphasim. 8MB
FS2004 He162 Salamander. Developed to meet an RLM requirement issued on 8 September 1944 for a jet fighter capable of entering mass production by 1 January 1945, the first He-162 flew just 89 days later. Despite difficulties in production, over 300 were completed by V-E day and 800 more were on production lines throughout Germany. The He-162 was an advanced and capable aircraft but was too demanding for the poorly trained pilots for which it was intended. By Alpha Simulations. 3.6MB
FS2004 P-51B Mustang "Miss Dallas". This package is the stand-alone WWII mustang repaint of JR Lucariny's excellent P-51B with his permission. It's the plane of Ace Victor J France of the 4 FG who had 8.66 kills. While chasing and downing a Me-109 at low altitude, his plane was lost. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as the Purple Heart. Dana Eng. 4.8MB
FS2004 Bücker 131 Jungmann Version 2 Package. The Bücker "Jungmann" was the first plane produced by the new Bücker Flugzeugbau GmbH company founded in 1932 in Johannistal, Berlin. The prototype Bü 131A V-1, registration: D-3150, was conceived as a training/private plane capable of aerobatics and powered by a 80 hp (60KW) Hirth HM60R inline engine. It made its inaugural flight on 27th April 1934. Later production models, such as the 131B were available with more powerful engines. The biplane was constructed under the leadership of the Swedish technical director Anders J. Anderson. The Bücker Jungmann served as the standard training-plane of the German Luftwaffe and in total around 5000 were built. Model and Copyright by Oliver Fischer 18.2 MB