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  Vintage Page 94
FS2004 Junkers 52/3m Version 2 Package. The Ju52 was widely used in the thirties. It made many experimental flights all over the world and routes into the Far East were made possible by this aircraft. The "Junkers-Flugzeugwerke" in Dessau developed it originally as a single engine cargo aircraft in 1930, under chief constructor Ernst Zindel (Dipl. Ing). A few months later construction began on the well known three-engined JU 52/3m, the change was triggered by several interested airlines looking for a reliable design. This version saw commercial service first in 1932. Safety and reliability were equal to todays jet planes. Model and Copyright by Oliver Fischer. 35.8MB
FS2004/FS2002 MITSUBISHI Type96 model4 (A5M4) Carrier-borne fighter "Claude". The Mitsubishi A5M was the world's first monoplane shipboard fighter and the direct ancestor of the famous Mitsubishi A6M 'Zero'. The Allied code-name was Claude; the Japanese Navy designation was "Type 96 carrier-borne fighter" Model 24 (ex-Model 4): The A5M2b with different engine, closed cockpit, additional detachable fuel tank. The last production models (Model 34) with Kotobuki 41 KAI engine. by Kazunori Ito. 2.2MB
FS2004 Airspeed Horsa Glider. The Horsa glider was used by the RAF in it's WW2 airborne operations. It was bigger than the American Waco CG-4 and carried 30 troops vs. the Waco's 15. This is a FSDS v3.51 project compiled with Makemdl into FS2004. It has the usual animations plus opening door, steps and tail cone. The 2D panel and VC are based on a picture and the VC has animated controls. By Paul Clawson. 2.5MB
FS2004 Dewoitine 520 Package. This model was designed using Gmax, textures with DXTBmp. This model of the Dewoitine 520 consists of more than 32000 polygons and 21000 vertices. Includes virtual cockpit, five liveries available, representing French warbirds during period between 1939 and 1945: two aircraft during "la bataille de France" in 1940 : N_73 " Loup Garou ", 2eme escadrille du GC I/3 N_248 du GC II/7 1 aicraft in the Vichy livery: N_248 du GC II/7, same aircraft two aircraft during the battle for the liberation in 1944 (French colors and invasion stripes on German camouflage): Corps Franc Pommies Groupe Doret. By Jean-Marie Mermaz. 9.8MB
FS2004 Dewoitine D-520 Regia Aeronautica Textures only. The 'Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force), after the armistice of June 1940, used many captured French planes. Since December 1940 almost 50 Dewoitine D-520 flown with Italian insignas. The French fighters were used by R.A. until August 1943. Texture sets only. You must have installed the original J.M.Mermaz's beautyful Dewoitine D-520 package for FS2002/FS2004 (above). Repaint by Manuele Villa. 1.7MB
FS2004 Morane Saulnier MS-406 Regia Aeronautica Textures only. The 'Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force), after the armistice of June 1940, used and tested many captured French planes. Texture set for (probably) the only Morane Saulnier MS-406C.1 tested at Guidonia airport during 1941. You must have installed the original Thicko Bielat's beautiful Morane Saulnier MS-406 package for CFS2/FS2002/FS2004 (available at Sim-Outhouse). Repaint by Manuele Villa. 1.4MB
FS2004 Avro Tudor Mk XIII. Long Range Commercial Transport. Crew: 5 (two pilots, flight engineer, radio operator, navigator). Capacity: 60 passengers. 1.9MB
FS2004 Westland Wagtail. A prototype light fighter let down by a poor engine design. C4292,The second of only three airframes,which first flew in April 1918. Ver.0.1, By Edward Cook. 3.3MB
FS2004 Junkers Ju 86 Swiss Package. A two engine medium bomber airplane with retracted landing gear and low mounted wings. Painted in a swiss paint scheme with white stripes on a green background. Includes aircraft and sound package. By Bertil Nilsson. Panel by Hauke Keitel. Repainted by Fabio Gonsaliz. 14.4MB
FS2002/FS2004 Heinkel He-219 A7 "UHU". This was a night fighter serving in the later stages of World War II with the German Luftwaffe. It equips with various radar and the machine gun (Schrage Musik) to attack the upper side. Moreover, It is famous as the aircraft equipped with the ejection seat first in the world. By Kazunori Ito. 3.6MB