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  Vintage Page 95
FS2004 Boeing B314 Pacific Clipper NC18602 Texture Folders, Aircraft.cfg, and History File. Requires Mike Stone's Clipper here. Author: Evan G. Butterbrodt. 3.9MB

FS2004 Douglas DC-3 Pan Am + new panel Textures for the default DC3. This is a Pan American World Airways Virtual livery. . I have also put together a new panel and reworked the VC textures as well. 8MB

Fix: DC3 PAA Livery VC Texture fix. I don't know about you all, but The rusted out look of the DC-3 is just plane fowl.So I've reworked the VC texture. 853K

FS2004 B-29 Boeing Enola Gay first atomic aircraft bomber with classic and modern panel includes a fighter HUD. Originally developed Mr. Graham reinstrumented by ING Alex Hassey from UNAM University. Beautiful DXF model avalaible at request .File 11.1MB
FS2002/FS2004 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden. This fighter was a World War II Japanese propeller driven aircraft that was built in a canard design. The wings were attached to the tail section and stabilizers were on the front. The propeller was also in the rear, in a pusher configuration. It was expected to be a highly maneuverable interceptor, but only two were finished before the end of war. The J7W was developed for the Japanese Imperial Navy as a specific response to the B-29 Superfortress raids on the Japanese homeland. by Kazunori Ito. 3.4MB
FS2004 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner, Version 1.0 (W.I.P.) The Starliner marked the end of the line of Constellation designs. It had an entirely new wing of greatly increased span (150 feet as opposed to 123 feet on the "Super G" Constellation), more powerful Wright R-3350 engines spaced further outboard for reduced cabin noise levels, and a strengthened undercarriage to support a gross weight of 160,000 lbs (138,000 lbs on the Super G). It was designed to fly the polar routes Los Angeles-London or Paris-Tokyo in just over 21 hours non-stop, and it established numerous long-distance records, many of them still current today. Providing accommodation for ninety-two tourist-class or twenty-six first-class and forty-five tourist-class passengers, the Starliner entered service with TWA in May 1957. Other operators included Air France and Lufthansa. It was arguably the largest, widest-range, and most expensive piston-engine airliner of its day (reportedly $3,219,550.00). While, in the real world, work has begun on bringing one of surviving Starliners back to flying status, you can get the factory-fresh prototype, fittingly registered N1649, for nothing here. Model and textures by Manfred Jahn, 2D-panel by Hansjoerg Naegele, effects and flight dynamics a communal effort by the FS9 Starliner team. Note well that, this being a W.I.P. release, there is no VC yet, the documentation is incomplete, the flight dynamics are tentative, and a proper soundset will have to be downloaded separately. See the Starliner project thread at www.calclassic.com for FAQs, future plans (fictional L-1549 model, paintkit, VC-equipped 1649A), and a host of rare historical, technical, and pictorial material. Manfred Jahn (model), Hansjoerg Naegele (panel). 5.8MB
FS2004 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner Linee Aeree Italiane Textures only. Linee Aeree Italiane, at the end of 1956, placed an order for four Lockeed L-1649 Starliners for using them on Rome-New York route. All of the four planes had already been built and painted in LAI colours at the factory in Burbank, the first one, which had been registered I-ZAMA, and the second one had already begun the pre-delivery flight tests when, on September 1st 1957, LAI was merged into Alitalia. The new Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane cancelled the order and the aircraft also went to TWA. Texture set only in L.A.I./I-ZAMA livery for the Manfred Jahn's new and beautiful Lockheed L-1649A Starliner for FS2004 (above). Repaint by Manuele Villa. 1.3MB
FS2004 Douglas C-118 Liftmaster MAC Textures only. This is a repaint of the CalClassic's DOUGLAS DC-6A Liftmaster built and painted by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. It represents a C-118 Liftmaster of the US Air Force - MILITARY AIRLIFT COMMAND - medical transport. Requires the "Western" DC-6B model with the large prop spinners (here). Repaint by Jaap de Baare. 1.6MB
FS2004 Portuguese Air force T-6G Textures only. In 1951 Portugal received te first's T-6G. This Particulary aircraft operated in AB5 Nampula Mozambique during the oversea war. Requires T6 by Cliff Presley and Denis da Silva (here). Repaint by José Leandro. 4.4MB
FS2004 SNJ-4 Portuguese Naval Aeuronautic Textures only, based at S.Jacinto circa 1950.In 1950 the Portuguese Naval Aeronautic received the first's SNJ-4 that operated at the base of S.Jacinto near Aveiro, when the Portuguese Air Force was created in 1952 all the aircraft were transferred to it. Requires T6 by Cliff Presley and Denis da Silva (here). Repaint by José Leandro. 3.6MB
FS2004 Portuguese Air Force AT-6B Textures only. In 1947 the Portuguese Military Aeronautic received the first's AT6-B that operated at the B.A.1 Sintra, when the Portuguese Air Force was created in 1952 all the aircraft were transferred to it. Later these aircraft were modified to the standard t-6's at the time, the way of recognising an original t-6 from a modified one was by the yellow stripe near the canopy whit a red rectangle on it. Requires T6 by Cliff Presley and Denis da Silva (here). Repaint by José Leandro. 3.4MB