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Helicopters Page 10

FS98 Hughes/ Boeing 500C, from the film Deadly Encounter with panel, moving parts & sounds. File size 267399. I Standfast


FS98 OH-6A Cayuse, Hughes/Boeing 500, Loach of E troop, Vietnam. Moving parts. File size 279476. I Standfast

FS98 Bell 206L Longranger, Chilean with moving rotors & panel. File size 127368. I Standfast

FS98 Hughes 500d Viking Helicopters Canada, with panel, sounds & moving rotors. Great air file. File size 264840. I Standfast

FS98 Scenery: Venice Heliport. Included in the scenery is a main Shell Heliport with 7 helipads,static helicopters,a fuel area, and docks with numerous boats, cranes, etc. Also near the docks there are 2 smaller heliports with 3 helipads each. It's a multiplayers paradise. And to top it off, there's 18 offshore drilling rigs out in the Gulf for you to fly to and from the heliport. File size 966595. Tony Broussard & Doc George

FS98 Scenery for Summit Heliport in Roanoke/Cloverdale, Virginia (VA) A very large helicopter company, doing repairs, fire work, powerlines, etc. Features all buildings and hangers. File size 60k By thesceneryworks

FS98 Bell 47 trainer with sounds & panel. Easy to fly. File size 1413831. B Lyons

FS98 East Coast Choppin (VA) Bell 412. File size 390155. D Baunton, T Harris, M MIller

East Coast Choppin (VA) BK117. File size 75788. I Steadfast model repainted by Marty Miller

FS98 Hughes 500D, Florida Marine Patrol,File size 249590. I Steadfast

FS98 Bell Textron 430, Trade Carribean Airways, in 3 paint finishes & panel. File size 1405014. S Hakim, M Tscherdantzew Jr