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Helicopters Page 11

FS98 Chopper Pad on the Chicago skyline, great for practice. File size 6k. F Leon

FS98 MD 520 with moving parts & panel. Hernando Police Dept, Orlando, Fl. File size 297872


FS98 Bell 212.

Greenland Air

Helicopters New Zealand

Both with panel.

The Bell Model 212 Twin Two - Twelve 15 seat military/civil utility helicopterfirst flew in 1968. Military aircraft are designated UH-1N in the USA and CH-135 in Canada. Power plant is a PT6T-3 twin turboshaft. Each engine is capable of producing 900 Hp, but the combined output is de-rated to 1290 Hp. This twin engine feature
means increased safety in the event of engine failure and hence the 212 is a popular helicopter for offshore gas and oil rig support as well as rescue operations. File sizes 760k. D Baunton

FS98 MD900 Explorer in 'East Coast Choppin' VA colors. With panel. File size 317212. T Harris, repainted by Marty Miller

FS98 Air Care BK 117. File size 69752. I DStandfast, M Miller

FS98 Choptair Bell 407. File size 47105

FS98 Choptair Bell 206 Longranger. File size 78150

FS98 Alouette II, Swiss Rescue, Zermat. With panel. File size 347820

FS98 Allouette II, BGS Germany. File size 83736.

FS98 East Coast Choppin Bell 412 with panel. High quality. File size 383361. D Baunton, T Harris, M Miller, T Jorg

FS98 Panel: Robinson R 22, nice panel & a great improvement. File size 296476

FS98 AS 350 Ecuruiel Panel. File size 202025. G Irber, I Standfast