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Helicopters Page 12

FS98 US Marines Bell 212 with panel & moving parts. File size 488699. D Baunton, M Miller

FS98 Hughes Model 239, trainer copter. Great flyer - if you want to practice & fly the copters - this is the one! B Lyons. File size 198382.

FS98 East Coast Choppin, AS 350 Ecureuil (squirrel), nice flyer!. File size 121280. I DStandfast, M Miller

FS98 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk with panel & sounds files. L Howard. File size 665099

FS98 Panel: MD500E. File size 248037. G Irber

FS98 East Coast Choppin AS 355 Ecureuil (Squirrel). With panel & moving rotors. File size 146070 I Standfast. M Miller

FS98 ERA Aviation Bell 412 with moving rotors. File size 181122. D Barton, R Young
FS98 MDD 500C/D panel. File size 204428. G Irber
FS98 East Coast Choppin Eurocopter BK117, moving rotors. File size 84616. I Steadfast, M Miller

FS98 Robinson R-44A with moving rotors & panel. File size 1075520. T Harris

FS98 Rotorway Executive 162 homebuilt. File size 68609. T Harris

FS98 DRF Rescue (Germany) BK117, moving parts. File size 170863. I Standfast, D Weinberg