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Helicopters Page 13

FS98 AS 350 Ecureuil (Squirrel), Marine Helicopters, New Zealand. File size 175833. I Standfast

FS98 Bell 427. File size 254227. T Harris

FS98 Aeromed, Florida, BK117. File size 91998. I Standfast

FS98 Eurocopter 355 Twin Star, Ohio State Police. Nice air file. File size 108067. I Standfast, M Miller

FS98 Civil Bell 206L Longranger. File size 84668. I Standfast

FS98 USAF Bell AH-1 Cobra with animated virtual cockpit view. File size 204094. Capt Slug

FS98 Ontario Police AS355 Squirrel. File size 120031. I Standfast, M Miller

FS98 East Coast Choppin Sikorski S76. File size 83911. I Standfast, M Miller

FS98 Bayflight BK117. File size 48761. I Standfast, M Miller

FS98 Medicopter (German) BK117 with panel & sound files. File size 962678. I Standfast, C Wolf

FS98 Hughes 500/ OH-6A Loach with panels & sounds. File size 271775. I Standfast, M Miller

FS98 MH-6 Nightfox, based on an MD500E, with sound files. File size 159442. N Bopitiya, J Hudson