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Helicopters Page 6

FS98 Add Pads; This will add 14 heli landing pads to sceneries like Boulder Rock, New York City, Ships etc. File size 213160. J R Morgan Jr

FS98 Panel: Eurocopter EC135 or 350. Recommended to use a good GPS gauge like acsgps12 available in the Gauges section. File size199370. D Weinberg

FS98 Panel: Aerospatiale AS 250. File size 366841. K Beyer

FS98 AS 350 Squirrel with moving parts. This model is painted as PJ-CEA of TradeWind Caribbean Helicopters and PJ-CEB of the Joint Police Air Support Unit. File size 42317. B Lyons

FS98 Sikorsky S76A painted in Hong Kong Government colors. File size 166051. I Standfast

FS98 Bell 407, Hoversafe Academy. Great .air file so ideal for practice! Incl. panel. File size 112355. I Standfast

FS98 HoverHome. Fictional scenery just south of Merril C. Meigs airfield in Illinois. It is used as a helicopter training area and practice grid. File size 85485. J Arzdorf

FS98 Sikorsky S76C, Northstar, New Jersey. File size 90929. I Standfast

Calypso Scenery. Adds the 'Calypso' sea exploration boat to Meigs, New York & San Francisco. File size 56498.


Frame-rate Display add-on. Monitor your frame rates with this useful little utility. File size 4660

FS98 Sikorsky S76A. Hong Kong Auxillary Air Force. File size 164541. I Steadfast

FS98 Aerospatiale SA 365N Dauphin in Fox River colors. File size 93856. I Steadfast