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Helicopters Page 7

FS98 Real Chopper. Easy fly Bell 206 with mods to make it easily flyable. File size 197671. C Gallops

FS98 AS 365C Dauphin. Victoria Air Ambulance. File size 95276. I Steadfast

FS98 Garda (Irish Police) AS 350 Squirrel. File size 149212. R McMonagle, P White

FS98 Irish Air Corps SA365F Dauphin. Full pack including panel & sounds. File size 970710. P McMonagle, I Steadfast

FS98 Sikorski S76A. RAAF (Australia) Rescue. File size 96297. I Steadfast

FS98 AS 350B2 Squirrel, Island Express with moving rotors. File size 135979. N Bopitiya

FS98 Sikorski S76C, Fox River Michigan. File size 93598. I Standfast

FS98 SA 365 Dauphin, TCA Medilift. File size 123585. I Standfast

FS98 MBB Kawasaki BK117 Trade Winds Carribean. File size 122763. I Standfast

FS98 Bell 427 - high quality with panel & moving rotors. File size 302583. T Harris.

FS98 TCA Pacific BK117 with panel & easy fly air file. File size 647973 I Steadfast, J Ford.

FS98 Bell 407, Bohag Aviation, Switzerland. File size 93964. I Standfast