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FS98 Vitus 1 Airship with panel & sound files. File size 1799873. (Seems to have Missing texture files!)

FS98 CFS UFO Pack. Includes panel, sounds & weopon profile. File size 373750

Hitch-hikers Guide to .AIR Files. All you need to know to adjust & modify the handling characteristics of your aircraft. File size 619004.

FS98 Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder. File size 400411


V Strakul

  Star Wars A Wing. File size 194301

FS98/CFS The Zeppelin Los Angeles. The Los Angeles was constructed during 1923 and 1924 at the Zeppelin works in Friedrichshafen. It was designated as the LZ-126 and the rigid airship was delivered to the United States Navy. It was the world's largest aircraft when first flown. This AF99 was designed by Frank J. Petriccione. The interior of the gondola was designed by Casey Priscilla and the sound by Lennart Olsson. File size 1022000


Pushback utility & gauge. Thislittle program & gauge will allow Jet pushback, with sounds. File size 178828. A Jaros

FS98 Paraglider, unpowered & controllable. File size 89228. Capt Slug
PARACHUTE for FS98 and CFS A five cell chute designed for free flight. original flight and visual models. Added plus, custom damage profile for combat fs. Also new panel and sounds. File size 672702. J Steiner

FS98 The British Rigid Airship R 34 was the first craft to make a double crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The Craft was put on trial in 1919. The zeppelin had a crew of 30 men. It's overall length was 196 meters,(643 feet), and 24 meters,(79 feet), in height. It Was powered by 5 Maori Sun beam engines. Two of the engines powered the rear car propeller. It travelled about 88 knots or 55 MPH.The r 34 was destroyed in a storm during January of 1921. The aircraft was designed by Frank J. Petriccione. The Interior panel was designed by Casey Priscilla and the authentic zeppelin sounds were created by Lennart Olsson. The aircraft was animated with Aircraft Animation by Aacus. The model was designed with AF99. This model can also be used in Combat Flight Simulator. File size 1019243