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FS98 Mexicana Fokker F27Fokker Fairchild F-27 . Painted in Mexicana Aerocaribe INTER 1996 livery. All major parts are textured, including the wings. Lights are also modelled when there off. Repaint by Ruben Chanona Llano. Mexico City. File size 84212
FS98 Fokker F27 mk 200 Full pack sound panel etc for FS98 Operated by Eagle Jet Charter in Las Vegas, NV. This is a complete file developed by pilot's for Eagle Jet. It includes actual Rolls Royce Dart engine sounds, complete plane with realistic flight characteristics, and a nearly 100 percent realistic panel to include radar altimeter, wx radar, space for a GPS, and ADI with flight director. By Brian Magby and Greg Jarchow (First Officers, F-27) File size 2067821
FS98 RAF Grumman HU16 Albatross (Albarcaf)Royal Canadian Air Force for FS98. This is a remake of my first Albatross for FS5. The fuselage was remodeled and transparent prop circles were added. Copyright:Dennis Wasnick Remodeled:Bob TremblayFile size 159881
FS98 USAir DH 114 Heron deHavilland Heron - DH114 Series2A Reg. N14FB of US AIR - Allegheny Commuter by Les Penridge. revised flight model by Brian Horsey. for FS98 (FS5.1 included) File size 113970

FS98 Commander 114B Light Aircraft (FS98) A four-seat, single prop engine aircraft for training and general aviation. Capable of speeds up to 190Knots and above with a range of about 630nm. Thoroughly tested, with very nice handling. By: Joshua Maynard File size 81862
FS98 Phillipine Fokker F50FS98 Philippine Airlines Fokker 50. A PAL Domestic, inter-island plane that flies around the Philippine Islands. These aircraft are leased by PAL from the Netherlands. Made upon the request of Kevin Go. Original flight model by Emile Lancee. This version made by Sami Puro (Flight Model) and Rodion Herrera (Paint). File size 158003
FS98 Pilatus PC12 FS98 Pilatus PC-12 in USA house-colours The pilatus PC-12 is a high performance single engine turboprop which combines high speeds, long range and short take-off and landings in one, a truly unique aircraft. FS-model is very detailed; includes opening doors, transparant props, landinglights & chekclist. This version is painted in the american house livery (N168WA) which is used by Pilatus (USA) to promote the aircraft. By Marcel Ritzema. File size 101957
FS98 LoganAir(Scotland) DH Twin Otter FS98 Loganair de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Loganair (British Airways Express franchise) livery. Twin engine turboprop regional airliner. By Barry Blaisdell, Loganair repaint by Iain Murray. File size 188662
FS98 Aer Lingus - 1953 era- Viscount 707 Dave McQueen and Tom Gibson present to you Aer Lingus' Vickers Viscount 707 for Flight Simulator 98. An all new simulation, it was manufactured in December, 1997. It has landing lights and turbo-prop sounds that may be used with other converted aircraft by editing the sound.cfg in the sound directories for those aircraft.Full Pack File size 1118914
FS98 Sukhoi (Russian) Aerobatic SU26 (pack) FS98 Su-26m Ver2 full package PJAS(Virtual Airline Pacific Japan Aerobatics Squadron) A wild cat specification machine Su -26m Ver2fullpackage *AIRCRAFT SU26m(A machine only for the acrobatics made in Russia) *The original sound *new original panel AIRCRAFT BY,Kouzou Maki(noraneko {It means stray cat}) PANEL BY,Kouzou Maki & TOYOHARA. File size 1543795