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FS98 American Eagle Saab S340B For Flight Simulator FS98 Model by : M.D.Baclawski Artwork by : Tony Bolton Flight parameters for FS98 and creating of landing lights : Jens Borgstroem. File size 533513
FS98 Black Eagle 540 (highly modified Pitts)The Official BlackEagle540. With Certified ADC Flight Dynamics. This Highly modified Pitts is completely different from any other. Flight Module by Renato D. Pullin. New Paint, Modified body and Flight Dynamics by Jim Coarse. File size 51811
FS98 Grumman Albatros HU16B FS98 HU16B Albatross United States Air Force This aircraft is a replica found at the USAF Museum on the web. These aircrafts were used for search and rescue operations. Designer:Dennis Wasnich Repaint & Mod:Bob Tremblay. File size 127954
FS98 DH 114 Heron -USAir Series2A Reg. N14FB of US AIR - Allegheny Commuter by Les Penridge. revised flight model by Brian Horsey. File size 113970
FS98 DH Dash 8-200Horizon Air is based in Seattle, Washington and has a fleet of 35 Dash-8s, comprising mainly of the 200 series model. Horizon primarily serves the Pacific Northwest, utilizing Seattle, Portland and Boise as hubs, feeding Alaska Airlines and marketing partner, Northwest Airlines. Repainted by Bryan Shirota. File size 57290

FS98 Piper Seneca. Moving Parts Piper Seneca V for FS98 "CERTIFIED" Flight dynamics, tested by her ACTUAL PILOT, Peter Sidoli. This aircraft has the most realistic flight model possible in FS98. Just Ask Peter ! Features Animated Gear, Flaps, Ailerons, Props and All flyiing stabilator. Also includes Full Panel and Sounds By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield (FSD) and Peter Sidoli. File size 2518049.

Update for this aircraft. Piper Seneca V "UPDATE" for FS98 Update files add REAL TRANSPARENT WINDOWS and PROPS, Interior details and Authentic Seneca V Sound set. With Thanks to Alexander Remus and Aaron Swindle By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield (FSD) and Peter Sidoli . File size 421314

FS98 Piper Aerostar PA60-700P FS98 Piper Aerostar PA-60-700P 700 hp twin engine light aircraft. By Chuck Dome. File size 239285
FS98 Piper PA25 Pawnee 235. Fs98 Piper Pa-25-235 Pawnee HR-AEC, Version 1.0 this plane flew for DIVESA in the fruit plantations ( Chiquita Banana ) in La Lima, Honduras in the 70's. Transparent Efects (Prop, Cockpit, Spray), Includes AFX & Textures, By Jose A. Rosa E.File size 81941
FS98 CDF Rockwell Bronco OV-10.FS98 Rockwell OV-10(Bronco)CDF This observation aircraft is used by the California Department of Forestry for survey patrol of the territory Aircraft design:Dennis Wasnick Repaint & Mod: Bob Tremblay File size 54475

FS98 Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante. FS98 aircraft--Embraer Emb-110C Bandeirante . This package include aircraft, an very realistic panel and sound files for the Emb-110 Bandeirante tested by a real pilot.The panel was designed using the Flight manual, photographs and drawings stay as close to the original as possible. The sound was recorded inside an actual Emb-110.Aircraft by M.D. Baclawski/Tony Bolton/Diego Nogueira. Panel and sound by Guilherme Irber. File size 2544341