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Vintage Page 17
FS98 Western Airlines Douglas DC6B. High quality textures with full moving parts. File size 258476. H Follas, T Gibson
FS98 Dreadnought Hawker Seafury, owned by Sanders Aircraft& fitted with the R4360, the biggest piston engine fitted to a single prop. File size 1754119. C Lampard, M Field
FS98 USA Martin Mars JRM1 flying boat. Includes moving parts & sound files. File size 1844377. T Miller
FS98 Jet Alaska Convair CV 580. F Safranek, R Young. File size 166552

FS98 Savoia Marchetti SM79 set. Full moving parts

SM79 Corsa, won the 1937 Damascus to Paris race. File size 216268. M Taccoli

SM79 Torpedo Bomber. File size 129267. M Taccoli

Panel for this aircraft. File size 966770. G Taccoli

FS98 Fiat G.46-4B, post WW2 Italian Trainer, with full moving parts. File size 144911. M Taccoli

Panel for this plane. File size 820926. G & M Taccoli

FS98 USN F4U 5NLR Corsair superb quality with sounds, panel, full moving parts & new modified air file to give extra performance & control. File size 2642230. A d'Homme, S Hakim, S Small

FS98 USAF P51 Mustang, "Big Beautiful Doll", superb quality with sounds, panel & new modified air file to give improved handling & performance. File size 3264423. A d'Homme, S Small.
FS98 Fiat G.59-4b. Italian psot WW2 trainer with moving parts. File size 121655. M Taccoli
FS98 Johnny Louch Ford Trimotor, with panel. File size 760793. R Von Ahrens, J Stubbs