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Vintage Page 16
FS98 Porterfield Collegiate. File size 282683. J Arzdorf
FS98 USAF P-38 Lightning. File size 390741. B Drefahl
FS98 BEF DeHavilland 82 Tiger Moth France 1939, with full moving parts. Several Tiger Moths went to France as part of the RAF contingent of the BEF, serving mainly as squadron "hacks". During the German advances and the BEF's retreat to Dunkirk, the Moths flew operational sorties as reconnaisance and communications machines; this model represents one of them. There are many stories concerning Moths harrassing the advancing German Army, using beer bottle Moletov Cocktails and Bren LMG's from the rear cockpit. Contains aircraft and panel by Wilbur/Moriarty/Wells/Vader of Pegasus Aviation Design and sound by Mike Hambly. File size 713918

FS98 Halberstadt D-II with full moving parts. The Halberstadt D.II was a follow-up design set to
specifications by the German Imperial government in desperate need of replacing the outclassed Fokker
monoplanes. Only about 100 D.IIs and D.IIIs were built, yet performed well during 1916. Manfred von
Richthofen flew one in January of 1917 when his Albatros D-III suffered a cracked wing spar. Contains
aircraft and panel by Moriarty of Pegasus Aviation Design. File size 241811
FS98 RAF Spitfire prototype. File size 181630. S Tanaka .
FS98 RAF Spitfire Mk1 QVK. File size 169404. S Tanaka
FS98 Boeing Stearman B75-N1 with panel & moving parts. File size 158306. C Lampard
FS98 SAAF Douglas C-47A with moving parts. File size 184145. J Crous

FS98 Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat with improved flight model & panel. File size 520057. C Lampard, S Baugh

FS98 American Airlines Douglas DC6B. High quality textures with full moving parts. File size 261671. H Follas, T Gibson