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Vintage Page 23

FS98 Travel Air "Mystery Ship" air racer the Travel Air Mystery Ship was Flown by Doug Davis to first place in the 1929 Thompson Trophy race beating the best the military had to offer. This model has full moving parts and prop animation. By Paul Grubich. 93K

FS98 Hall Springfield Bulldog Racer (updated) The Bulldog racer was designed by John Hall after he left the Granvilles of GeeBee fame. It raced only once, in the 1932 Cleveland race and finished 6th because of engine problems. This model is improved over my earlier version, "bull8.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false">. I added full moving parts and correct cowl with scallops. Also prop animation and virtual cockpit with transparent glass included. By Paul Grubich. Recommended panel is "Bull-pan.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> zip by J.L.Stubbs.

FS98 Panel 1932 "Hall Springfield Bulldog" Air Racer The Bulldog Racer was designed and built by Robert Hall.He had worked for the Granville Brothers and helped them design the famous Gee Bee-Z. After a disagreement with the Granville's,Hall left the group to design his own airplanes.The "Bulldog" was a single place, gull winged airplane to fly in the 1932 Cleveland National Air Races and the Thompson Race.In the Thompson Trophy event competing against the Gee Bee's and three Wedell Williams Racers,the "Bulldog" finished in sixth place.It is speculated that a restricted air inlet kept the plane from showing its true potential.The aircraft was dismantled after the races were over and the engine was returned to Pratt&Whitney. Recommended aircraft(Bull9.zip)by Paul Grubich.Panel by J.L.Stubbs

FS98 NC121K 'Paisano Dos' U.S. Oceanographic Office with rotating props, animated gear, ailerons, flaps etc.12 sided fuselage. Arguably the finest Connie ever to fly! Painted in one of many variations of livery worn during Project Magnet - with cartoon Roadrunner! Original aircraft by Joe & Doe Aircraft Repainted from Bill Schulz's Eastern Connie by Gerry McLaughlin. 126K

FS98 Douglas DC-2, TWA Douglas DC-2 NC-13711, the first production DC-2 (there was no prototype) in TWA livery. The aircraft finished its life with the RAF in India, 1943. New version by Harry Follas with moving parts. 261K

84 Squadron Blackburn Beverley C Mk1 For FS98 Original by RALPH PEGRAM Repaint by Simon ThomasThis aircraft XL149, served with 84 Squadron, RAF. Upon retirement it was stored/preserved at RAF Finningley in South Yorkshire until it was scrapped in the 1970s. Its cockpit section is all that remains, and is kept at Newark Air Museum, in Nottinghamshire. 1.4MB

FS98 Waco Model E This plane rivaled the Staggerwing in beauty and speed. It features transparent windows and moving parts (prop, flaps, rudder, elevator and ailerons). A panel is included. By Paul Clawson. 154K

FS98 Fokker F.XVIII, PH-AIP (Pelikaan) A 3-engine passengeraircraft from the 30ths with fixed landing gear. Used by the KLM on their long distance routes to East Indie. Painted in standard KLM scheme of the 30ths. By Wim Regeer. 106K

FS2000/CFS/FS98 Explorer. Information not supplied. Aircraft tested & works OK. 40K

Douglas A-26C Invader A-26C "MY MARY LOU" FOR FS98/FS2000. This A-26C Invader is painted to represent "MY MARY LOU" 44-35696 a Korean War Veteran which completed over 100 missions with the 17th Bomb Wing (L), 95th Bomb Squadron during 1952-53. It is owned by the Collings Foundation who are restoring it to fly in its original Korean War markings. ORIGINAL B26-C DESIGNED BY GERRY SCHMIDT of FSD REBUILD WITH MOVING PARTS AS A-26C "MY MARY LOU" BY E & R ALLEN (DUXFORD LEGENDS) WITH R. HARRIS. 229K

Avro Lancaster 617 Sqn RAF Op Chastise An aircraft for FS98 by Keith Clifford/Pegasus Aviation Design This aircraft, ED932/G, was flown by W/C Guy Gibson on Operation Chastise, the raid on the Ruhr dams. The aircraft is extensively modified to carry the Upkeep weapon, Barnes Wallis' bouncing bomb. Gibson won the VC for his part in the raid. The Upkeep bomb is toggled on/off using the spoiler key. Features include animated propellers, flaps and landing gear. A checklist is also provided. 82K