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Vintage Page 24
Avro Lancaster BBMF 61 Sqn Scheme An aircraft for FS98 by Keith Clifford/Pegasus Aviation Design This aircraft, PA474, has flown for many years with the Royal Air Force's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It is shown in the new paint scheme for 2000. She represents Mickey the Moocher QR-M of 61 Sqn. Features include animated propellers, flaps and landing gear. A checklist is also provided. 80K

FS98/Golden Wings 1914 Kvasz "Postyen" FS98/Golden Wings 1914 Kvasz "Postyen" Step Back in Time and Feel the Wind in Your Face! Model features "Warping Wings", Full Moving Parts, Animated Pilot, Era Style Panel, Sounds, Flight Dynamics and Textures.Aircraft by Joe LoGrasso. Panel by Ladislav Sebo and J.L.Stubbs. Flight Dynamics by Bill Lyons. 937K

CFS/FS98 Czechoslovak Yakovlev Yak-17 The fighter used by Czechoslovakia from year 1949 with marking S-100. Original by Eric C. Johnson. Repainted by Bobby Stilz. 48K

CFS/FS98 Avia CS-199 Trainer Czechoslovak post-war version of the Messerschmitt Bf-109G used in flying schools. Original by Dennis Wasnich. Repainted by Bobby Stilz. 108K

FS98 (will also work in CFS/ CFS2 & FS2000) Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra 10E "special". Plane by Al Withney, realistic painting by Renaud Dudon. The new painting Gives a "shiny effect" to the airframe. Panel and sounds are included. This plane disappeared with her crew over the pacific on july,2,1937.

2 Part Download

Part 1 1.2MB

Part 2 1.8MB

FS98/Golden Wings 1911 Wiencziers "Flugmaschine" Step Back in Time and Feel the Wind in Your Face Again! Two Painted Versions, Red or Black! Model features Full Moving Parts, Animated Pilot, Era-Style Panel, Sounds, FlightDynamics and Textures. Aircraft by Joe LoGrasso. Panel by Ladislav Sebo and J.L.Stubbs. Flight Dynamics by Bill Lyons. 1.5MB

FS98 Martin's air Charter (Martinair) Dc-3 This Dc-3 has moving Landings gear, flaps, rudder & aelerons. Design by Martijn van Geldere Paint by Martijn van Geldere Flight Dynamics by Martijn van Geldere. 112K

FS98/FS2000 Lockheed Super Constellation Maple Aviation. Has full moving parts and landing lights. Registered as N303MA. Original model by Bill Schulz. Repainted by Szymon Zmijewski for Ian Duke and Maple Aviation. 179K


FS98 Tumbleweeds Engineering TE-1049T Turbine Modification of the Lockheed Constellation By Dana McGee. Full moving parts. Panel based on real Save-A-Connie with custom painted gauges. Complete Rebuild of original Stefan "Doe" D”bereiner, "Super" AFX. Thanks to HGHB, CARP, Dai Griffith and the other gauges designers that do great products. 3.2MB