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FS2004 F-14 Tour Video- From a carrier takeoff to a sunset tour of London inbetween the spikes of the Dome and under Tower Bridge before a carrier landing, this short video set to the music of U2; Belinda Carlsile; Daniel Powter; and The Clash is an adrenaline rush worth the small download. Tom Mortimer. 1.5MB
FS2004 Kirk Olsson F16s Video - with the video maker's repaints on. In this musical videoclip you can see my custom AI trafic also. If you like the Falcon, watch this movie. Author Lucian Lie (Yago9). 31.2MB
FS2004 F-14A Tomcat Movie. This is my first movie and im just doing movies for fun. In this movie im flying an f14a tomcat. its filmed with a webcam and its pretty bad qaulity. My next movie will be better qaulity im working on that one right now i think it will be out in a week. In this movieI do some stunts not so advanced ones. By: Mattias Zettergren AKA Zmaster. 11.8MB
FS2004 Movie Collage of online flying showing formation flying, group hops, and a few of the fun things pilots do when flying together. Flown, captured, and edited by Jim McKie (N4JT) with the assistance of many pilots at Elite Flyers. 20.6MB
FS2004 F4U Corsair Video - This is a 3:00 minute video of the Aeroplane Heaven Corsairs being put through their paces to the sounds of Wilson Pickett. Turn the lights off, put the headphones on, and turn the volume up REAL loud for the best effect. Made with Adobe Premiere and Fraps. Author: Kevin Ryan File Size: 16.6 MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey Promo1. This is a small promotional clip for an upcoming movie series titled Birds Of Prey. This features freeware military aircraft, available on the web. By Marc Dantuma. 5.9MB
FS2004 Videos: Yet Another Movie" musical video clip with F-16s from Selfridge Airbase,Michigan and Pink Floyd music. Author Lucian Lie. 15.9MB

FS2004 Videos: Video preview & celebration of the Advanced UK scenery project's latest scenery, Auksp-Perth '05. Perth/Scone features dynamic scenery, photographic textures, gmax/xml design & much more. Video by Birdman. 14.2MB

Scenery here

FS2004 Videos: Mig 29 Fulcrum Video. 26.6MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey Tornado The third movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the Panavia Tornado. Aircraft by DSB Design. Music by Covenant. By Marc Dantuma. 26MB