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FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey F-15 The second movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the F-15 Eagle. Aircraft by David Bushell (F-15C & F-15E). IAF F-15 by Cristiano Manani & Ricardo Langier. Music by VNV Nation. By Marc Dantuma. 22MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey F-14 The fourth movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the F-14 Tomcat. Aircraft by Jeff Dobbing. Music by Project Pitchfork By Marc Dantuma. 26MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey A-10 The first movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the A-10 Warthog. Aircraft by Kazunori Ito. Music by ACDC By Marc Dantuma. 43.8MB
FS2004 Best of the Best Video. Here is a compilation video I made with various screenshots taken in FS9. This video was made with Microsoft's Movie Maker and the music is by Eric Johnson. Sit back, relax and take it all in.... By David "Fly2e". 37MB
FS2004 Galebs on Line Video: Here are your favorite Simviation Moderators Dave "Fly2e" and Mark "Ozzy72" Osborne flying some Galebs off the coast of California! This movie was made using Sony Vegas Video and Fraps. Dave is in the "Blue" Galeb and Mark is flying the "Red" Galeb! Crank up your speakers and I hope you enjoy! By David "Fly2e" 33MB
FS2004 Mig 29 Stunt Video This is a Video of Mig 29 that nearly stands still after takeoff! Made by Matteo "Raven" Hausner. 12.3MB
FS2004 USSO Video. Military jet video. No information provided. 10MB
FS2004 Navy Movie: This is a short movie of sea power that the US Navy has. Sorry there is no sound. Thanks and happy viewing. Jonathan C. 18.1MB
FS2004 Airliners Past, Present & Future Movie. A small movie featuring various freeware airliners, set to music by Charo. By Marc Dantuma. 43.5MB
FS2004 dH104 Prinair Movie. "When Flying Was Fun!". Video by Carlos Marrero. 15.3MB