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FS2004 Austrian Airforce VA Video. A short video of the flight to the IVAO Specops Event in Jamaica! Austrian Airforce VA. 8.8MB
FS2004 'Top Gun' Video. Military video. Approx 11min long. 46MB
FS2004 Slideshow Video. Slideshow consisting of screenshots. Assembled by John Butler. 8.6MB
FS2004 Hymalayan Video. This is a flight in the fascinating area of Hymalaya in Nepal. The domestic flight goes from Katmandu to Lukla in the high mountains. It is an one way airport. The music should give you a feeling of being in Nepal. Please fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight. 45.7MB
Fs 2004 Mirage F1 Movie - My very first movie, starring Kirk Olson's superb Mirage F1 model. Step on board and experience the thrill and magic of a flight through the Alps first hand. Scenery by Holger Sandmann. Enjoy the show! Kris/Omag. 27MB
FS2004 F-16 of USAF Air Show Video. Aerobatic show. Aircraft : F-16 Pilot : Nicola Piazzolla Song: Simply the best. 39.1MB
FS2004 IFDG Airbus A319 Video A video of the amazing IFDG Airbus A319-100 in house colours. Music is copyright respectibe authors, the video was created by Kobe "Alphajet_Enthusiast" Bodjona. Name: Kobe Bodjona. 17.1MB
FS2004 F14 'Tomcat Tribute Video. After 32 years of service, the Grumman F14 'Tomcat' has now been retired. This 7.5 minute video is made as a tribute to this calssic interceptor. The aircraft used is by Dino Cattaneo and the aircraft carrier is by Javier Fernandez. Simon Dove. 31.6MB
FS2004 THE SOLO N10 of Frecce Tricolori. Video. Aerobatic show from solo cockpit Author : Nicola Piazzolla. 46.6MB
FS2004 Pitts Biplane Video. This video was created during an online play. Join the the beautiful scene of Australia. Hope you enjoy it. Produced by Daniel Faundez. 24.6MB