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FSX Corse Island scenery version I. Known as Corse to the French, Corsica to the Italians and Corcega to the catalans.includes scenery for 104 of 143 comunities on the island along with seven airports Mountanous landscape represented wit great fidelity. By Toni Agramont. 14.1MB
FSX/FS2004/FS2002 Project Romania Bucharest photoreal Scenery Package v2.0. The addon contains all seasons textures, night lights and water textures.No autogen files yet. Victor Stephanovici. 117MB
FSX Curlyo's Fun Antartic Scenery. This zip originally compiled in fs9, and now working in FSX, contains a number of fictional airports' with scenery, plus YMHB = Hobart Tasmania. The concept for the zip was for multiplayer hops. However the zip can be enjoyed solo Take a trip to the Antartic find what you can find, and at times have a laugh. This scenery is created for fun is is not meant to be accurate or realistic in any way. 490K
FSX/FS2004 Rostock - Laage Airport, Germany. This is the base of German Eurofighter. This scenery has over 150 objects, forest, airportsstreets and more. objects and textures by www.afs-design.de - Author: A.Meyer. 1.5MB
FSX Sicily Version I. The island of Sicily contains numerous communities. Of them 104 are represented presently escenario.Especialmente in the coast. 5 airports exist but two aerodromes. Several sea ports in the main ones cities. The architecture of their you marry it seems a lot those of my millennial Catalunya. By Toni Agramont. 19.9MB
FS2004/FSX PHNL2006, Oahu-Honolulu, Hawaii (HI). This packages contains photo scenery for the whole island of Oahu in standard resolution of 4.7 m/pixel. By Gottfried Razek. 31.7MB
FSX Shuttle Launch Scenery 07.Updated. .This is the scenery version for FSX. Fly into the area of the Cape Canaveral and witness a launch..complete with effect attached sounds..Updated are delayed launch engine startup sequence..Ground blast effects..This is a full copy of (all) files needed to overwrite (OR) install from new. Ron Jeffers. 1.4MB
FSX/FS2004 Honolulu Airport Area Scenery. This scenery contains high resolution ground scenery for the airport of Honolulu Intl. (PHNL). It has a resolution of 1.2m/pix (4.7m/pix is standard). Coverage is about 12*12 km and contains the area around PHNL as well as the abandoned Ford Island NALF (PNPS). Gottfried Razek. 43.7MB