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Scenery Page 3
FSX Spain FsX Version I. Whole scenery of the Iberian Peninsula (except Portugal). an adaptation of the existent scenery Spain FS9 to FSX. This adaptation redraws the entire coasts, sea ports, and cities. By Toni Agramont. 66.6MB
FSX Kermanshah Airport OICC Iran Scenery Package Including : airport Vehicles & stairs / Chopper Trailers / new airport Navaids Acuair Static Hangers / airport Trees / new taxiway & runway / airport Water Tower & beacon towers and more.. Design By Ehsan Moradi. 92MB

FSX European Ground Textures Package Part 1. Intended to solve three common complaints with European textures: the "desert" problem, winter textures and autumn textures. These modified textures reduce or eliminate the barren brown color of the default textures and improved the drab washed out fall and winter colors too. By Adam Mills. 80MB

Part 2 71MB

Part 3 63MB

Part 4 85MB

Part 5 74MB

Part 6 78MB

Part 7 87MB

Part 8 83MB

FS2004/FSX Puerto Rico East Package. This package contains photo-scenery for the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The scenery in standard FS2004-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. By Gottfried Razek. 98.2MB
FSX Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia. Landscape enhancements of the Bella Coola area (N51*45'-52*40' W125*35'-127*25'). FSX multi-LOD 38-m mesh, local landclass, water class, and seasons files, as well as accurate placements of lakes, rivers, roads, and streams. Also added are the glaciers of the Monarch Mtn. Icefield and several forest roads and clearcuts along the side valleys. With FSX road traffic. By Holger Sandmann. 16MB
FSX Morocco and Sahara : MarocFsX Version I. An adaptation to FSX of the scenery of the kingdom of Morocco and Sahara. It embraces the whole territory from Nouadhibou in Mauritania, to Cebta to the north and Oujda to the east near Algery. It contains 36 airports, totally reworked, and 246 cities with all their harbors, monuments, kasbahs palaces and mesquitas in Morocco, and 184 towns in Sahara plus six airports. This scenery to be flown VFR to enjoy their cities. It contains all necessary navaids for professional flights. By Toni Agramont. 34MB

FSX USA Ground Textures Package. Modified ground textures for the US, designed to solve three problems: to deal with the "desert problem", to deal with winter textures and finally to deal with autumn textures. The default textures have been modified to reduce the barren brown color. The washed out color of winter has been enhanced. The overly orange fall colors have been desaturated. Split into 8 parts. By Adam Mills.

Part 1 53MB

Part 2 54MB

Part 3 97MB

Part 4 77MB

Part 5 101MB

Part 6 101MB

Part 7 86MB

Part 8 68MB

FSX BSG Galactica at PHNL Scenery. This scenery adds: - 1 stock aircraft carrier offshore at Honolulu ( the same type carrier as at San Diego ) - Landable BSG Galactica above the carrier at 27,500 feet , use port landing bay * Battlestar Galactica Mesh and Textures by Coxxon * conversions for MS-FSX By Bruce Fitzgerald. 1.5MB
FSX Tree X V2. Revised more realistic trees for FSX. Aimé Leclercq. 11.5MB
FSX Hardy Monument, UK. This octagonal 22m (72 ft) tall landmark is situated high on Black Down, 8.6 km west-southwest of Dorchester in the county of Dorset, England. This FSDS v3 scenery was designed for and tested with FSX and Horizon Simulation’s VFR Generation X Volume 1 “Southern England & South Wales”. Designed by Andy Ford. 455K