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Vintage Aircraft Page 21
FSX/FS2004 Douglas DC-4 Sabena Textures only. This aircraft, OO-CBI, was built post-war as a Douglas DC-4-1009 airliner, delivered to Sabena in 1947.It had a long carreer with Sabena and later the United Nations and Air Congo. Sabena commenced a Bruxelles - New York service via Shannon and Gander with DC-4s on 4. june 1947. By Jens B. Kristensen. 2.3MB
FSX/FS2004 Douglas DC-4 UAL Textures only. This aircraft, NC30052, entered sevice with United Air Lines in 1946. You must download and install the DC-4 model for FSX / FS2004 (requires DC4_V21.zip above) to use these files. By Jens B. Kristensen. 2.5MB
FSX/FS2004 Douglas DC-4 TWA Textures only. This aircraft, N34577, was built as a C-54B, and converted post-war to a DC-4 airliner for Trans World Airlines, TWA. In its later years it was used as a freighter. You must download and install the DC-4 model for FSX / FS2004 (requires DC4_V21.zip above) to use these files. By Jens B. Kristensen. 2.5MB
FS2004/FSX Yak-11 racer Czech Mate. Hanging a big American engine on the front of a relatively small airframe like the Yak-11, a former Soviet Yak-11 trainer, makes this diminutive Russian trainer go very fast indeed. At the 2003 National Championship Air Races Sherman Smoot clocked 445.617 MPH in the Gold Final Race . Complete aircraft by A.F.Scrub. 4.6MB
FSX Polikarpov Po-2 (U-2) Package. During the 'Great Patriotic War' (World War II), PO-2’s were used for close air support, bombing and night harassment raids. These raids were emulated a decade later in the Korean War when North Koreans would fly low at night and drop hand-grenades on our troops - again in PO-2’s. Author - V. Zhyhulskiy . Updated for Fsx Sp2 by the Nor-Cal Prop Club. 5.1MB

FSX Fairchild Model 91 Package. Built in 1934/35 to meet a requirement for Pan Am for an amphibian flying boat suitable for operations in South America Amazon and Chinese Yangtse regions and up to 8 passengers could be carried in the hull. Some sources say 6 were built (2 going to Pan Am and 2 to private buyers and 2 to Japan) while others say 8 were built but I am pretty sure that actually 7 or 9, including the prototype, were built with a pair serving for Pan Am, a pair for Brazil, two for Japan and two sold to private buyers, of which one was later used by the RAF in Egypt. The confusion could lie in the fact that the Brazillian pair and the Pan Am pair were the same (ie: Pan Am serving out of Brazil). The original prototype served with the Spanish Nationalists after they captured it off the Republicans during the Civil war years and the RAF also used one in Egypt as an Air and Sea Rescue type.Model, VC Panel, Panel, flight dynamics By Chris Herring. FSX Sp2 / Xp Tested Prop sound new texture and more updated by the Nor-Cal Prop Club. 36MB
FSX Boeing F4B-4 Package. The Boeing F4B-4 was the last fixed gear biplane fighter in the US Navy inventory. This model is painted for Squadron VF-3 assigned to the USS Ranger CV-4. It was designed in FSDSv3.51 and compiled with Xtomdl into FSX SP-2. The textures are .dds format. It has the usual animations plus an operating tail hook. The 2D panel and VC are based on a photo and the VC has operating instruments plus animated flight controls. By Paul Clawson. 1.8MB

FSX Vickers Type 440 Wellington MkX Package. A twin engined Medium Bomber. Aircraft of No. 428 (Ghost) Sqdn. RCAF. Based at Dalton in early 1943. Full VC and all Clickable By Edward Cook . Sp2 / Xp Tested. Updated for fsx by the Nor-Cal Prop Club. 17.4MB

FS2004/FSX Lavochkin La-11. The La-11 was developed from a long line of Lavochkin aircraft and first flew in 1944. It was an excellent front line fighter aircraft during the latter stages of WW2. Powered by a 1,850hp ASh-82FN radial engine it had a top speed of 420 mph at altitude. The La-11 was supplied in some numbers to both the Chinese and the North Korean air forces, and saw operational use during the Korean conflict. It was finally phased out of first line VVS service in the early 'fifties. The La-11 became the last generation of Soviet piston fighters — the jet age had begun. Complete plane by A.F. Scrub. 6.7MB
FS2004/FSX Gloster Grebe biplane fighter. The Gloster Grebe was a single seat biplane fighter with fabric-covered wooden structure and twin Vickers machine gun armament. It was powered by the 400 hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar. Top speed was 162 mph (261 km/h). The Grebe was very agile, but suffered from wing flutter, which lead to all RAF aircraft being modified with additional wing struts. Complete GMAX model by A.F.Scrub. 5.1MB