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Aircraft page 43
CFS-1 Policarpov PO-2 Fuerzas Aéreas Republicanas, Madrid, 1938. FSFS model by Alexander Belov Repainted by PakRat and Diamond/Liliya Air file and weapons file modified by Diamond/Liliya Converted CFS and paint by Hans Egebo Panel by Michael Pappi Vader DP and AI files and modified panel by Petit. 525K
CFS-1 Li-2m Soviet. Lead Designer: John Kelly Repaint and airdynamic: Vlad Zhyhulskiy Panel: Scott Jelinek Modified DP, air and panel and AI files: Petit. 639K
CFS-1 Ilyushin l'Il-10 Sturmovik of the North Korean Air Force, captured by UN Forces, late 1952. Model by Hervé Devred Textures by Mike Colclough (Die Staffel) Moving parts and damage profile by Andrei Kobakhidze Panel by Claudio Di Lullo Modified damage profile and panel by Petit. 509K
CFS-1 Yak-9u Soviet Designer: Dennis Wasnich. Original textures, photorealistic panel, flight model, dp file and moving parts: bruno duffort. Modified dp, panel and air files and ai files: Petit. 917K
CFS-1 Pearl Harbor A6M2 Japanese Zero. Original aircraft by Unknown . Petit. 917K
CFS-1 MiG I-211(E) Designer: Michael Hart. Panel: Bruno Duffort. Modified panel, air and dp files: Petit. 457K
CFS-1 Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat flown by 10 victory Ace, Richard E Stambook. Original model: Steve Bezant New textures: Philippe Donat-Filliod (from Jim Sterling and CFS2) Panel: Bruno Duffort Modified DP and AI files: Petit. 371K
CFS FS98 Bell P-400 Airacobra 'Impatient Virgin', USAAC 67th Fighter Squadron, 347th Fighter Group. Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, November 1942 (CFS ONLY PACKAGE). Updated for FS98 with animated prop, landing gear, and flaps. P-400 was the US designation given to the British 'Model-14' export version of the Airacobra following the enactment of the Lend-Lease Act. Since the British canceled their order, the US Army requisitioned a number of P-400s in the days after Pearl Harbor due to a shortage of modern fighters. Many of these were shipped to the Pacific where - with P-39Ds - they were used in the defense of New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, and Australia. FS5 Model/AFX by Eric C. Johnson. Original texture parts by Eric C. Johnson and Philippe Millour. DP/CFS by Steve Bezant. Includes Dan Griffin's CFS P-39 v2 panel. Custom FD by Christoph Ruhtenberg of EYA - Enjoy your Aircraft. Checklist by Josh Van Stavern. History file by Joe Baugher. Period flight music included. Animated model, repaint, and package assembly by Derek 'Deke' Wakefield of Indianola Flightcraft. 906K
CFS-1 Soviet Yakovlev Yak-17 'Feather' Plane designer by Eric C. Johnson Animated by Yuri Shudrak Textures and DP File by Mike Colclough Modified DP, textures, air and panel by Petit. 1.4MB
CFS-1 Potez 63-11 Designer: Jean-Marie MERMAZ Panel: Claudio Di Lullo DP and AI files: Petit. 722K
CFS-1 MS-406 FAFL Designer: Patrick DIDIER Textures, animed and air files: Bruno Duffort Panel: Claudio Di Lullo Modified DP, panel and AI files: Petit. 518K
CFS-1 Dewoitine D520 n°694, FFI. Original model, D520 n°90 of the GC II/3 (air, model, dp, cdp files) by Jean-Marie Mermaz. Panel by Claudio Di Lullo. Textures remakes by Claude Prudet. Air file by Bruno Duffort. Modified panel and air and ai files by Petit. 655K
CFS-1 Grumman F8F-1 "Bearcat", appartenant au Groupe de Chasse I/6 "Corse", basé à Nha Trang (Indochine) de juin à septembre 1951. Plane and flight model by Bruno DUFFORT. New textures by Philippe DONAT-FILLIOD. Panel by Benoit M. Dubé and Sergey Golovachev. Modified dp and panel and ai files by Petit. 545K
CFS1 Stock P-51 DP file with Bomb Modification. I found the original mustang a little bit boring, so I've made a new DP-file for it wich gives you 8 bombs(!). NOTE: de file is for the original CFS mustang and it is a BETA-version. You can use it in another p51, but there might be bugs if you do that. 42K
CFS-1 La-5 Lavochkin (white 15) piloted by Captain Georgy D. Kostylev of 3rd guards fighter aviation regiment, 1943. Original Designer Herve Devred. Original textures, air, DP and animed by Bruno Duffort. Modified DP and repainted by Petit. 887K
CFS1 Spitfire Mk.IXE flown by the French ace Pierre Clostermann (33 aerial victories). This plane will not interfere with your stock Spitfire IX. By Alberto "Robur" Bisleri. 285K
MS406 Aircraft and Skin-pack. Original model and panel by Jean-Marie Mermaz. contains: 4 aircraft textures: -typical French campaign a/c -a French North-Africa based MS406 -a finnish plane -a Vichy AF plane. By Vincent Moyet. 1.6MB
CFS-1 Polikarpov I-16 Tip 18 (mod) 'White 11' flown by Capt. B. F. Safonov of 72.IAP, VVS, SF, Murmansk area, September 1941. Original design and moving parts by Patrick Didier. Original texture: Bruno Duffort Panel: Lobo da Silva Modified dp, panel and air file and repainted: Petit. 1.2MB
CFS1 Hawker Hurricane MkI Pack Includes: -Hurricane MkI DT°A /Robert Stanford-Tuck - LE°D /Douglas Bader - LK°A /IR Gleed - Belgium - Finland - MkIIB USSR These 6 Hurries are repaints of the original John Cooper's model. Skinned and repacked by V.Moyet See each aircraft folder for full credits. Panels and sounds are aliased to the stock Hurricane. 1.5MB
CFS1 Modified French P-47. Repainted Stock P-47 with some gun incrementation. Modified & painted by Silberio E. Silva. 564K
CFS1 Focke-Wulf FW-190A-7. this is my...umm...version of the FW-190A7, i sure this isn't the real one, but it is nice anyways. this one has a 18 cyl. engine, it is faster, non-retractable gear, wich is more stable and tht givs a better landing it is easyer to turn, not as good as the P-51, but it is anyways better than the normal FW-190, it has been repainted to grey, and has the "jolly rogers" in the middle of the fuselage, and also a skull painted on the wing tips. By: Silberio E. Silva. 214K
CFS1 P-38 Double Pack. Stock P-38 - USAAF version and a captured KG200 P-38.. Repaint: Silberio E. Silva Williams. 5.1MB
CFS1 - Hawker Hurricane "Knight Hawk" This aircraft is my first repaint. This paintjob it's self is version 1.5. The airplane is a stock Hawker Hurricane with a brand spankin' new paint job. I took the original paint job and updated the colors to be better suited for all types of play, especially online flight. As yet, the paint job is rudementary but updates will come in the future if I ever get around to it. Created by Michael Stennett. 4.5MB
CFS1 F4F-3, F1 : This Aircraft is designed around the model included in Pieter Looten's "Wake Island" mission. (see Model source Info in model folder). New files -- textures and panel completely redone w/gauges. The .mdl has been modified to select the replacement 8bit textures. 782K
CFS Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI. The largest aero plane constructed and utilized in WWI, the Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI was the pinnacle of aviation technology in 1917. From Sept. 1917 until Aug. 1918 this type R-plane dropped 27,190kg of bombs on Englands mainland. Not one single R-plane was lost in combat to enemy fire. This model closely represents R.39/16, with four Maybach Mb.Iva powerplants, has animated alerions elevator and rudders, as well as the front and rear gunners and guns rotate with rudder movement. Model, Airfile, Dpfile and panel by KC’s Virtual Aircraft. 1.8MB

CFS1 – Morane-Saulnier Type-L (Updated) .One of many parasol planes produced by Morane-Saulnier, who seems to have had a strong attachment to the parasol design. Original rotary engine texture by: Andrew W. Hall 2. Original pilot face texture by: A.F. Scrub 3. Original panel.bmp by: M.A. Duarte Lobo. 2.1MB

AI Version 1.8MB

CFS1 Bf 108B1 Taifun D-IMTT, Willy's own! Circa 1936 this was Messerschmitt's aircraft. Fully animated control surfaces, gears, prop and spinner with nav and landing lights. Using transparents, multi-resolution, BMP textures. It also includes custom panel, sounds, dp, checklist and air files. Made as accurate as possible so you can enjoy flying it! By Guy Gauvreau. 6.4MB
CFS1 P51-D Weapons Mod. These profiles are designed to enhance flying in CFS. This profile makes your P51-D have 240 cannon as well as 8 bombs.(It has all 10 roctets and 1880 machine gun bullets) NOTE:The BCM.bmp file has machine gun in it, to comepare with the cannon, so you know the cannon is real. Barnabas J, Reynolds. 32K
CFS1 Show Guns For Mustang. Runs only with CFS1. For people who want Cool looking Mustang's for multiple players. Simple effect file. By Barn's Free Gamer's. 63K
CFS1 Hawker Hurricane Mk1 This is an early Mk1 as first built with a Merlin II and a Watts wooden two blade fixed pitch propeller, these didn't last long in service as they were soon retrofitted with a more modern Merlin III with a standardised prop shaft and de Havilland or Rotol three blade metal variable pitch propeller. This improved the top speed slightly as well as shortening the take off run. The aircraft is painted in the colours of the Squadron Leaders aircraft from 111 Sqdn flying from RAF Northolt in Middlesex in 1937.Model by John Cooper, painted Les Stone. 118K
CFS1 P51C Mustang US Army. Here is a re-paint of the stock P51. Whole aircraft. By Winslow Pryor. 227K
CFS 1 Curtiss P-40E Warhawk USAF The P-40 may have been criticized because it was inferior to Messerchmitts in battle, but it was a great ground attack aircraft. At the time of Pearl Harbour it was the most numerous US army fighter. See readme.txt for details. By Winslow Pryor. 69K
CFS1 Spitfire Mk I Turbo- upgraded version of the Spitfire with repaint and altered .dp and .air files. The air file gives enhanced manouverability and emergency power that will boost to over 2000mph. Read description on"select aircraft" for more details. 310K