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Missions & Campaigns Page 1

Campaign : Doolittle Raids. Missions, aircraft & scenery all included in this essential section of the Pacific War. File size 2544135. M Leone, K French

Patch fo this file (34020)

Campaign : Guadalcanal Campaign. Revised version with scenery, aircraft, airfields & missions. An amazing creation & remember - it's FREE!! File size 5305374. M Giacomazzi

Update 1: Adds 2 new planes & 19 missions (504609)

Update 2 : Adds moving parts & scaleup - realistic sizing of aircraft (337882)

Update 3 - Adds more missions& aircraft. (111037)

Campaign : Operation Iceberg - Okinawa Campaign, with airfields, aircraft & scenery!. File size 4026819. Ken french

CFS Mission Collection. A nice collection of 14 various missions. File size 70430

Mission: Hitler's Train. You are sent to bomb Hitler's train but things don't go too smoothly when you encouter a large German defence. File size 4.88k

Mission: Area 51. You are sent out to the notorious 'area 51' or 'dreamland' in an Airwolf to investigate reports of a crashed UFO. Includes aircraft & scenery. Requires FS98 scenery. File size 1837130. Fix for this mission.File size 2820

Mission: Perl Harbour. Re-live the legendary Perl Harbour attack. Requires Flight Simulator Hawaii scenery (FS98). File size 301680
Campaign : Giants in the Sky. 1933. Germany starts to bomb London using the Giant Zeppelin. Includes 9 missions & 4 aircraft - XF5s Skyrocket, British Hawk, German Krieghund & the Zeppelin. By Dan (Reno) Shippey. File size 853933 Fix for this file (43k)

Mission files : Exploding ships. Add various exploding ships to your created missions. File size 104693

The Cage: Game for Zone players or multi-player. Test your flying skills to the limits & outwit the other players. File size 179000

Mission : Attack on BF110's, includes requires ME262. File size 266834

North Africa Mission. 19 missions, 12 aircraft & 7 new damage profiles. Requires FS98 for scenery. File size 1064912