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Scenery : Volcano Island, Western Pacific. requires VOD textures & Airport Textures from Utilities

Tinian Island in the Northern Marianas, western Pacific Ocean. Tinian is shown as it looked in 1945 when hundreds of B-29s were active there. Tinian was the largest airbase at the time. By Dan Buckheit. File size 757772
The Outpost is located at N36*21.19 W 123*26.59 Try a bomber run at night, that is, if you want a great challenge! And of course there are many places to land helicopters also. Try to find the phonebooth , looks great at nite!. File size 618536. Paul Harmon

Scenery Files by Steve Mclelland. Scenery equires Airport and VOD3 textures (here).

Thalheim Germany Area 1943. Includes static 109g's, Ju-88's, JU-52's, 3D buildings, ground vehicles, etc. .

Berne, Switzerland area 1943. A free flight scenery/civilian area, using mostly stock CFS objects

Lucerne, Switzerland area. A civilian airport with interned B-17, static Fw-200D, He70's, vehicles, buildings, etc

Battle of Bulge area with active objects. First in a series for the Bulge. Special effects API's by Martin Wright. Explosions by Dan Geis.

Alteno Germany (1943). Uses only stock CFS objects. Requires Airport textures, and 3D card

Central Berlin Flak Layer Germany

London Flak Layer. Live flak explosions in an add-on flak layer for London England, UK (1940). A direct hit by flak is "lethal". Special macro by Dan Geis.

Bonn, Germany (1944). Requires Airport textures and 3D card. Covers the Bonn-Hangelar area.

Luton, England, UK (1944). Requires VOD3 textures, and 3D card. Luton was a B-25 bomber base. The scenery features static B-25's, etc.

Lille, France (1942). Requires VOD3 textures and 3D card. Lille was a Luftwaffe bomber base. Scenery includes static BF-110's, buildings, vehicles, etc

Fowlmere, England (1944). A UK B-24 bomber base. Requires VOD3 textures and 3D card.

Le Havre, France (1942). Requires VOD3 textures, and 3D card. A Luftwaffe bomber/dive bomber base. Includes static Stuka's, Ju-88's, etc.

Guernsey Islands (1942). Requires VOD3 textures, and 3D card. Contains three islands, ports, ships, airfield, coastal emplacements, roads, etc

Cherborg, France area (1943). A Luftwaffe fighter base.

Azeville, France area (1943). Includes static planes, hangars, etc.

Woensdrecht Area in The Netherlands. A Luftwaffe night fighter base, with JU-188s, TA-154s, FW-189s, Storchs, HE-219s and German ground vehicles. By Steve McClelland.

Woensdrecht Area Fix. Missing textures for WOEN.ZIP, Woensdrecht, Netherlands, area. Textures are for Luftwaffe Occupation aircraft

Etaple Area Luftwaffe Base. Includes German ground transport.

Kenley Area Spitfire Base UK. Shares scenery with Biggin Hill area.

Biggen Hill Area UK, a B-17 bomber base.

Interlaken Area, Switzerland

Interlaken Area. Adds ground vehicles to INTRLAKN.ZIP scenery

Abbeville Area, Northern France, fighter base.

Download whole scenery pack containing all the above. 1MB

Fuel Bases for Steve's scenery - adds FS98 style fuel bases to the sceneries. 335K

Add-on Scenery for CFS Plantlunne Germany area. Airfield signs, static Ju-88's, Me-109E's, vehicles ,buildings. And a CFS first "PEOPLE"!! Requires Airport-Vod textures. Scenery By Steve McClelland. File size 16k



Leiston Home of the 357th fighter group around 1944. Area showing 362nd 363rd 364th squadrens with many buildings and aircraft placed as close as I could come to their real locations. Extra goodies placed in the channel nearby.Interesting note that Chuck Yeager and Clarence"Bud" Anderson were stationed here. by Brian K. Howland. File size 148287
Tangmere Located on the southern coast of The United Kingdom. Has Buildings trees and aircraft placed for this base Thanks to Chuck Dome for his scenery Maker stacfs1.2 By Brian K. Howland. File size 70k
Cambrai, France. A Luftwaffe airfield as it may have looked with Me109's, Ju88a's, and Fw190's along the airsrip. By Brian K. Howland. File size 36k

Dungeon. This is a new challenge for CFS- Helicopter Pilots. We designed a closed "Dungeon" on a area of 72 kmē with a lot of hidden rooms, secret entries and nice 3D objects. We intended to create a scenery specially where Helicopter Pilots can increase their skills by flying inside the small passageways, hoovering around and so on. R J Triebel, P Harmon

Dungeon 1 File size 410k

Dungeon 2 File size 291k


CFS / FS 98 Scenery "Helo-School" Fictional high-density desert island scenery in elevated mesh 3D technic (full landable). Dedicated to all Helicopter Simpilots in CFS and FS98. A small field for Helicopters and an incredible terrain to land on where ever you want! Works in FS98 too! I have splitted the upload in three parts - you need them all! Ralf-J. Triebel (H_MAT)

Part 1 2.16MB

Part 2 2.33M

Part 3 2.68MB

CFS Scenery - Welzow German Airfield (Active) Example Scenery for Combat Flight Simulator created with Airport 2.10 and CFSAct/CFSApi Macros. Welzow Airfield, Eastern Germany. Moving/Firing Vehicles and AA, Flak Bursts, Flames, Smoke. Watch your approach or you will be shot down. Add a bit of extra danger to Quick Combat. BGL size 25k, No other files needed. By Martin Wright. 5k

CFS Scenery - Gravesend Satellite Airfield Example scenery for Combat Flight Simulator created with Airport 2.10 and CFSApi11 Macros. Wartime Temporary Grass Airfield incorporating a Radar Station covering the Thames Estuary. BGL size 13k - no extra files or Libraries needed. By Martin Wright. 3k