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CFS Scenery Add-On "Baden Baden" The "Baden Baden" scenery is totally fictional but attempt to show a detailed depiction of the german airport of Baden Baden during WWII. All information are took through the net, from the Baden Baden scenery for FS98 created by Thomas P. Vannauer, current aerial photos and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH flugplatkarte, for represent a wartime style of this airport in West Germany. Due to problem with the CFS ground level and slopes, the scenery is not placed in the true place of the real airfield. Today this airport has a asphalt runway, and I don't know if this was operated by the Luftwaffe in the WWII. But is a good fictional complement to other sceneries of this region. I include static Junkers Ju-52/3m, Lufthansa DC-2, HE-219 Uhu, HE-162 and FW-190, searchlights and refuel area with moving fuel truck. By Edmundo Abad. 1.1MB
CFS1 Safe Havens: Modified textures to give a more realistic depiction of coastal ports and harbours. Featuring sea walls, harbour defences and berthed shipping. One texture is modified to represent a typical European seaside resort with pier. These files will give you the most realistic coasts in combatsimland. Arno Brooks. 656K
CFS Dale Airfield - These files recreate all of Dale airfield's runways and buildings. Created in CFS1's default editor, and is ONLY for CFS1. Includes taxiways, but not dispersals. Dale Airfield Pembroke, UK. Dan Garner File size: 141 Kb
CFS vFURBARA Airfield - Italy - Before and during WWII this airport and his surrounding area were utilized by the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force) as weapons and armament test center for the new aircraft that entered in service. The FURBARA scenery is mostly fictional, because the WWII pictures we saw didn't help in the placement of the buildings and the other objects of this airport, but we believe that it was approximately similar to the reality. Cliff Burgess's CFS Italy v1.5 Scenery required (here) . By Corrado Sandri and Edmundo Abad. 1.1MB
CFS1 Brunsbüttel-Harbour on the Elbe River, Germany. Scenery addon for CFS 1 created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 346K
CFS 1 Langeoog Island addon scenery. Background Langeoog one of the 7 Eastfrisian Islands with a large "Fliegerhorst" used by the Luftwaffe during WW II. By Wolfgang Grünewald. 1.6MB
CFS1 add on scenery. Dd Island airfield. Dd Island (or "Hurry" Island" ) is located in the Pacific ocean in the Navy Ops area,halfway between the Allied base and the Japanese base. It features an airfield,harbor facilities and a landable aircraft carrier and escorts in the bay.This scenery is "auto-install" and was built using Airport 2.60,Martin Wrights' cfsClass program and the stock CFS1 scenery editor. Thanks to Martin Wright,H_Paul and Rabid_Bart. By David "Ddave" Sumners. 829K
Arid textures for CFS. An entirely new look for CFS Part 1. (As always - make sure you back up your default textures.) A complete scenery change. Alters scenery to a hot, dry, tropical landscape. Ideal for Israeli, Middle Eastern, Afgani, Pakestani theatres of war. Includes towns, villages, resorts, plantations, deserts, coasts and harbours. A safe and tested totally new look. Three part download. These textures are intended to make entirely new parts of the world accessable for CFS. They are suitable for anywhere that is hot, dry, dusty. Can be used for the Middle East, North Africa, Afganistan, Iraq or even Nevada or Australian Outback. You can use these textures to change to look of your default scenery. These textures have been made for a series of missions soon to be produced. To have all the texture files you must download all three zipfiles. Arid Textures1 zip (this one). Arid Textures2.zip and Arid Textures3.zip. Arno Brooks. 2.6MB
Aridtex.2zip This download is the second part of a 3 part arid textures for CFS download. The folder called "texture" contains new texture files for CFS. See the read-me in Aridtex.1 for full details. Arno Brooks. 2.7MB
Aridtex.3zip This download is the third part of a 3 part arid textures for CFS download. The folder called "texture" contains new texture files for CFS. See the read-me in Aridtex.1 for full details. Arno Brooks. 2.6MB
CFS 1 Wangerooge Upgrade Scenery. Background The island of Wangerooge is the most eastern island of the row of Eastfrisian Islands. It was heavily fortified during WW II and hosted an airfield, which was used as an operational air base in the early stages of the war. Scenery The new design replaces the previous Wangerooge scenery and uses close by photo-realistic textures. By Wolfgang Grünewald, Aurich, Germany. 1.6MB
CFS1 Guernsey Field, located on Guernsey Island, UK. Features an airport with full IFR/ILS capability, the capital of St.Peter Port,business district, manufacturing district,harbor facilities and village. Built with Airport 2.60 and CFS Scenery editor. By David Sumners aka Ddave. 1.2MB
CFS 1 Fliegerhorst Lüneburg: German WWII Airfield. Created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 1.4MB
CFS Meppen Range: Air to ground shooting range. Including a mision file and Nordhorn airfield. created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 953K
CFS HMS John "Jacky" Fisher. ILS equiped aircraft carrier for bad weather instrument landings. Located offshore from St.Malo,includes destroyer escorts with helo pads. Built with Airport 2.60 By David Sumners aka Ddave. 368K

CFS 1 Fliegerhorst Lippstadt: German Airfield in WW II stylecreated by Wolfgang Grünewald. 845K

Fliegerhorst Lippstadt: Missing textures. This files provide the missing textures for Lipp.zip . 86K

CFS1 Mannheim-Sandhofen (New Release), WW II Luftwaffe airfield. Replaces previous Mannheim-Sandhofen scenery. created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 1.3MB
CFS1 Koksijde, Historic Belgian WW II airfield. created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 613K
CFS1 Fliegerhorst Hopsten: German Airfield in WW II style. Created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 609K
CFS 1 Emden Area. : Scenery presenting Emden naval port, nearby airfield, including night textures. created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 1.2MB
CFS1 Chievres: Belgian Airfield in WW II style for CFS 1 created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 795K
CFS 1 Bremen-Neulanderfeld German Airfield in WW II style. AFD file included. created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 1.2MB
CFS1 Coquelles, Pas de Calais German landing strip. Created by Wolfgang Grünewald. 596K

CFS1 Western Poland. The scenery covers the area from E15 (where the CFS stock scenery ends) to E20, and from N49 (northern Czechoslovakia) to N55 (the Baltic Sea). Includes airfields in Poznan, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Czestochowa, Ostrow, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz...and bridges over the Vistule river. Elevated mesh made with CFSclass using DEM data and stock CFS textures. 2 classlists for fall/winter/summer textures or only summer. V.Moyet. 983K

Scenery Map: A little information to help mission makers use my 'Western Poland' scenery. The included map was generated by CFS Class by Martin Wright during the scenery creation process. It can be used for mission creation. Airfield coords are also provided. 364K

CFS1 fictional Anglo-American base AAC_Ripe. Allied Air Corp squad base with almost all brand new macros, many of them interactive. 3 runways, 2 equipped with tri-colors VASI. J and t-type hangars, Romney, Quonset and Nissen huts of various sizes. Maycrete and Orlit concrete buildings. 2 "no-cheat" refuel zones. 6 points of entry by CFO or GO TO functions. By Guy Gauvreau. 6.6MB
CFS Aleutian Islands, Alaska scenery. These scenery files were built from USGS DEM data using Martin Wright's CFSClass for the Aleutian Island chain from Attu Island to the Alaska Peninsula. Five airfields of varying size are included. By Allan Lowe. 1.3MB