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Mouseable Clock/simulation rate/ zoom instrument by Chuck Dome. File size 81423
Scale- up. This utility will 'scale up' the planes you add for quick combat & missions to be a more realistic size from your window. File size 56420

Static Object Generator. Places planes, buildings, etc into scenery. File size 16196. C Dome

Bluesky for CFS. Instant recolor of the default sky into something mre realistic looking. Shareware. 24k I Murray

Gunsite re-paint utility. Requires VB4 runtime files from utilities. File size 50420

QCall. Reviews every plane in your Aircraft folder, then makes a QC File allowing each to be used in Quick Combat. File size 1473110

CFS Mission Editor v3.0.0. CFS Mission Editor is based on MS Mission Editor EXCEL spreadsheet. Features improved ground layout and stationary objects loading, editing and saving; refined point assignment for individual stationary objects; add/delete stationary objects to/from a layout; selective path overlays; option to build a catalog of mission files; option to compact the database; drag/drop mission (loading) and aircraft; added ability to decrease/increase sound volume; improved documentation. By Cor Dikland.

Part 1. File size 2989322

Part 2. File size 2974863

Upgrade for this file (276375)

Mission Editor Update v3.0.0.3

Part 1(524698)

Part 2 (279943)

Part 3 (680947)

CFS Static Object Generator v1.11. Increases the number of possible objects from 30 to 203.
It also displays a texture for many objects, and allows the user to change the size of objects.
Requires Visual Basic 4.0 drivers from main Utilities section. File size 49k. By Chuck Dome.

The Setclass utility changes the Surface Type parameter of the default Combat Flight Simulator terrain texture files. This will allow water landings without exploding! File size 63615. Author: B Potvin

Mission Swap Utility: This program enables you to swap a mission into Multiplayer.mis for use then restore the default multiplayer.mis when finished. Requires VB6 Runtime from main Utilities section. Files Author:Neil Park. File size 287997

Show - Image Viewer and Converter. Show is a general purpose image viewing and converting program. All main image types supported plus the added advantage, for FS/CFS users, of reading and writing the R8 Texture Format. Convert direct from jpeg (or any supported format) to R8 with good quality remapping and automatic resizing to 256x256. Convert R8 to bmp or any other format for editing. Browse folders of images. Print images via WYSIWYG dialog with mouse placing/sizing. Image adjustment features. By Martin Wright.. File size 646359

CFS/FS2000 Extended-Bitmap Editing Utility (Updated - cfsbmp3.zip) Utility to allow the editing of the Extended-Format Bitmaps supplied with Combat Flight Simulator and FS2000. Updated to fix problems found when running on German Windows98. Edit Images and Sub-Images in your favourite Paint Program. Create Extended-Format Bitmaps from ordinary Images (most formats). Supports 8 bit and (most)16 bit FS2000 Formats. All sizes up to 512x512. By Martin Wright. File size 283634