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Campaigns & Missions Page 24
CFS2 "Bridges of ToKoRi-Skyraider" Mission. I've been hearing in forums and at Korea Vet sights that the Skyraider and the Skyraider pilots were the real attackers of the North Korean bridge missions that the movie "Bridges of ToKoRi" was based on. By Jim Jacobson. 569K
CFS2 Mission Challenge 1: Through Flak Hell 1, Short Range If you are a real hotshot CFS2 pilot try and brave the flak from Lakunai. Level 1: Short Range By Bombardier 3K
CFS2 Black Cat Strike: Intelligence reports that the Japanese are massing large forces in Rabaul for transport to New Guinea (setting up The Battle of the Bismarck Sea in Mar 1943). The only force in Henderson with the range to attack Rabaul at this time is your reconnaisance squadron, equipped with PBY-5A "Black Cats" and a few long range P-38s. 197K
CFS2 Star Wars Intercept the Dark Side Mission. 456K
CFS2 Oil Strike on North Base Mission: Special Tactics: • Assign your wingmen to the tankers adjacent to Kristina (to the right). • As you enter the primary target area open fire with all guns, then as you get close enough drop your bombs. if you feel you can do it, fly to secondary target area and strafe the ships there, mission outcome will not be effected. Robert Coady. 91K
CFS2 VT 3 Attacks ! - Mission for the stock Douglas TBD-1 Devastator (you need make it flyable). June 4th, 1942 ... a great japanese striking force is heading to Midway island. Since the first hours of this morning the Midway-based bombers attacked the enemy fleet, it´s time for the carrier-based torpedo planes. On the carrier USS Yorktown, a group of 12 TBDs is ready and warming up. Target: the japanese fleet. You fly as CAP Wilhelm Esders, in the first section - first division of Devastators. By Enrique Godoy. 42K
CFS2 Flight 19 Charlie Carter’s Singleplayer-Mission. With this program you can install all the needed stuff on your hard drive automatically. On December 5th, 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers left the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale for a training mission. They never returned home. Flight leader was Flt.Lt. Charles C. Taylor. The other pilots were Capt. Edward J. Powers, Capt. George W. Stivers, 2nd Lt. Forrest J. Gerber and Ens. Joseph T. Bossi. At 3.50pm that afternoon flight instructor Lt. Robert F. "Bob" Cox was ready to land at Fort Lauderdale. He heard a radio transmission addressed to someone named Powers. Powers replied, "I don't know where we are. We must have got lost after that last turn." So now in this mission you are Robert F. "Bob" Cox. Try to find out what happened ... Enjoy and have fun Charlie *Chuck* Carter. 4.5MB
CFS2 USAAF, Materials and Transport Commands, Unified Mission_1_E You will take off at dawn, the rising sun on the horizon reminds you that in spite the beauty of the area, there really is war going on. Today's mission will take you out of Henderson Field returning to your home base. This is both a shake down flight and a familierism with the aircraft. You'll drive right seat, your co-pilot will talk you through the auto pilot,as you and the plane get to know each other. Just follow the co-pilots instructions, it's his plane, but he's being transfered out Stateside along with the rest of his crew. Your own crew is also on board, picking up tips from the men they will replace. So there it is, a litle return cargo, two sets of crew, what could go wrong? Maybe nothing, but there is a war on. 30.7MB
CFS2 USAAF, Materials and Transport Commands, Unified Mission_1_M You will take off at dawn, the rising sun on the horizon sends a chill down your neck, there is something ominous about that scene. You get a knot in your throat, and your stomache feels like it's doing the Texas Two Step ... you have the down to the bones feeling that this is not going to be a routine flight. To the enemy, your unarmed cargo plane is considered a bomber, it's fair game to attack, and you know that well. Remember Henshaw and his crew, they never stood a chance, the Zekes came out of the sun at 10,000 feet and made their attack, not even a hint until the bullets hit their mark, taking out the left wind screen, then the left engine, they toyed with him for 15 minutes before the plane fell in pieces into the ocean. You have to ask yourself, is it today you join Henshaw. Think about that, plan your evasive manueuvers,think about the cost of failure, and think, think hard, just don't panic because if you do, that's when the mind shuts down and then you make a mistake. Make a mistake out here and telegrams go to your family. 30.9MB
CFS2 USAAF, Materials and Transport Commands, Unified Mission_1_H. Land of the Rising Sun Readying for takeoff at dawn, the rising sun on the horizon reminds you of the urgency to get this plane off the ground and headed home. You are the last transport out of Henderson Field, and even as you start up your engines you know that the Japanese are only minutes away with a large bomber force. Last plane out, no one wants that job, but you were selected for your superior ability to get things done. All night long the air has been filled with aircraft and flack, strange the way the exploding flack looks somewhat like the Fourth of July, but you also hear the sound of airplanes falling from the sky. The enemy has put up an anti-aircraft flack net, and you have to go through it, worse, they won't be firing at the sound of your engines, you they'll see. How do you get through the flack? How do you manuver and evade what you can't see until the sounds of anti aircraft flack begins to explode around you? You can overcome the flack and what ever else may be out there, but you have to think ahead of the "game". Few have made all rhe way through the first time, are you up to the challange? 30.9MB
CFS2 Red Star - A new Korean War campaign from Fox Four Fly the MiG-15bis as a Soviet PVO pilot operating from bases in Manchuria just north of the Yalu River in 1950-51. You will face opponents such as the B-29, B-26B, F-80, F-82, F-84, F-86, F-51D, F4U, AD2, T-6 and more. Features La-11, Yak-9, Tu-2 and Li2T AIs and the new CVE118 USS Sicily. http://www.simviation.com/lair/cfs2korea.htm
CFS2 Battle of Britain Package -- 120 historically-based missions. Five campaigns. Fly a Spitfire or Hurricane for the RAF, or a Me109, Me110, or Stuka dive bomber for the Luftwaffe. Includes all required scenery and airplanes. Lenny Flank 21.5MB
CFS2 PilotLog file If you install this, you have killed 97 fighters, 52 bombers and 14 ground targets. Note:: Requires the Red Star campaign available at simviation.com/lair/ . You'll fly as Vladimir Loginovski. 4K

CFS2 Coral Sea Ships Missions. These missions represent the search for and sinking of the Japanese Carrier Shoho on May 7th 1942. Details of many further downloads required in the readme file.. Larry Blondin. 1.8MB

Update : Contains missing aircraft files. 3.2MB

CFS2 Imperial Japanese Army Air Force versus VVS (Soviet air force) campaign, reenacting the so-called Nomonhan (or Khalkin Gol) incident on the Spring - Summer 1939. Requires Windows XP or 2000 to run. Copyright Xavier Berdaguer . Please find installation instructions and additional copyrights at install_readme.rft file into this package. 21.4MB

Upgrade to the IJAAF's Nomonhan campaign (Imperial Japanese Army Air Force versus Soviet Air Force Campaign) to version 1.1, fixing small issues and improving Advanced Info screen performance and realism. Copyright Xavier Berdaguer. 553K

Fix: This package includes corrected airbases.dat entries for the Japan Mainland Airfields scenery and also for the Mount Fuji Airfields and Lakes scenery. 5K

CFS 2 Flat Top Multiswap mission. No description provided. Craig Neumann. 125K
CFS2 "Raid on Secret Japanese Island" Mission. This mission is 100% fictional. There are a couple of bugs, mentioned in the Readme.The mission takes you to Midway and a little island, which is used by the Japanese to repair ships and temporairly store aircraft. You'll fly in John Shields' AC-47 'Spooky' to the island. Then, when you've destroyed the ships, the vehicles and the static aircraft, you'll return to Midway. 62K
CFS2 Reapers Over Palau: This is the first in a series of historically inspired missions that follow the adventures of the VF-10 Grim Reapers during their time in the Pacific Theater. The Palau mission is a basic fighter sweep that occurred during their second cruise aboard the USS Enterprise. By: K.Rowe. 155K
CFS2 VF-10 Grim Reapers 1st Cruise: This is a small package of historically inspired missions that involve the Grim Reapers of Air Group 10. Included in this pack are exploits from their first cruise aboard the USS Enterprise. By: K.Rowe. 49K
Fox Four CFS2 Korean War GPS Gauge & Map. This is the newest version of the Fox Four Korean War GPS Gauge by Mike Eustace: MKCFS2.F51Korea_GPS100A.GAU - Included is an update of Jeff Hendrick's CFS2 NDB map of Korea showing the GPS channels for each airfield in the Fox Four Korean GPS Gauge. Tango_Romeo - 300K