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Post WW2 & Modern Aircraft Page 16
CFS2 FAB T-25 Universal AFA . Original model by Denis & Daniel Da Silva. Sounds by Mike Hambly. 4.5MB
CFS2/FS2002 Challenger II of Sean D. Tucker The Challenger is rebuilt every year by Sean D. Tucker's own "POWER Aerobatic Team". However, the aircraft Sean was flying earlier to the top of the airshow world was a very highly modified Pitts S-2S but it became more modified every winter. Nowadays it is a one-of-a kind Biplane. Only the engine is taken from stock S-2S, even though it is highly modified too. The magicians at Lycon are able to take a stock Lycoming AEIO-540-D4B5 engine that normally produces 260 horsepower and coax 380+ horsepower from it. Includes instrument panel, full moving parts, virtual cockpit and transparent canopy and a special FS2K2 smokesystem. Package by Dynamic Duo, Mikko Maliniemi & Jason L. Terry. 5MB
CFS2 Pilatus PC-9 Royal Australian Air Force's "Roulette's" Aerobatic/Display team. The PC9/A is the Australian built version of the Pilatus PC9 by Hawker DeHaviland Australia in the late 1980’s. Model: David Friswell. - Flight Dynamics Rob Opray - Textures Luke Hampshire - Panel. 2.8MB
CFS2 Embraer AMX FAB Força Aérea Brasileira. Model by Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva. 2.6MB
CFS2 FAB A-29 and ALX ( super tucano ALX ) Model & texture: Daniel da Silva Up grade model: Denis da Silva Panel: Daniel da Silva. 7.3MB
CFS2 EMB-312 T-27 Tucano EDA Brazilian Air Force 50th Anniversary. Model & texture: Daniel da Silva 8.3MB
FS98/FS2000/CFS1/CFS2 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk VF-1 "Falcões do mar" The VF-1 Squadron is the first Brazilian Navy Aerial Unit to operate fighters. It was created October 02nd, 1998, and it is under the command of the Naval air force. The VF-1 duty is to provide and operate aircrafts used for dogfights. Original by Deane Baunton Moving parts, flight dynamics: Lewis Magruder Repaint by Carlos Henrique (BRA_Goose) 1º Brazilian Fighters Squadron. 788K
FS2004/FS2002/CFS2 F-8E Crusader VF-24. Alphasim freeware 'Sader painted to represent one used by VF-24. Aircraft included. Repaint by Marc Czygan. 4.1MB
FS2004/2002/CFS2 F-8H Crusader VF-162, USS Oriskany. Repaint of Alphasim's superb freeware F-8H Crusader by Marc Czygan. 1.5MB
FS2004/FS2002/CFS2 RF-8A Crusader RF-8A from VFP-306, USNR. This is a repaint of Alphasim's superb freeware model. Aircraft included. Repaint by Marc Czygan. 3.4MB

FS2004/ CFS2/FS2002 F-4N Phantom of VF-74. Original textures by Alphasim, revamped by Marc Czygan. This superb flight model was recently released as freeware at the Alphasim website. In addition to changing the unit markings, I enhanced the textures of the aircraft, adding a more realistic "weathered" look (a characteristic of most naval aircraft!). Aircraft included. Textures by Marc Czygan. 1.6MB

FS2002/CFS2 Grumman F9F Panther (A.R.A.) Armada Argentina. Original model by AlphaSim.- Repaint by CARLOS JOSE LAGIOIA. 2.8MB
CFS2/FS2000 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk US Army Update: - Loadout and Damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson This package contains damage profile, Objects_DP, and Scenedb for Grumman OV-1C Mohawk US Army and weapons load. 1.3MB
CFS2 ALPHA EE Lightning F1A. Model by Alphasim. Requires the CFS2 Jet Base File here. 3.8MB
CFS2/FS2000 Cessna A37 Dragonfly Texture Package Update This package contains update textures for all my Cessna A37 Dragonfly model. These textures have been reduce to 256x256 and extended bmp DXT1 so as to reduce the slow texture regen and improve frame rates of my original releases. By Jim "Rockster" Jacobson: 1.3MB
CFS2 Boeing YC-14 Conversion and Repaint. Original FS2004/FS2002 Boeing YC-14 by JR Lucariny This package contains converted JR Lucariny fs2004 model file to work with CFS2 and Camo textures for JR Lucariny Boeing YC-14. I have also included sound files that work with CFS2. Repaint and model conversion by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 2.5MB

CFS2 USN/USMC CH-46 Sea Knight Package. Boeing/Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter for CFS2 with USN and USMC textures, ready for Special Ops. Rory Kelly's FS2004 GMAX CH-46 Sea Knight modified for CFS2 with original USN textures; USMC textures by Jarvis Chang. Damage Profile by DSM, with Demolition Divers and Sling Load by Jim Jacobson. HiVis Combat Panel (modified from Michael Vader's CH-53 bitmap) with HUD display, matching DVC panel. Modifications & package by Don McComb. 10.7MB
CFS2 Sikorsky MH-53J Pavelow III David Bushell's FSDS1 SIKORSKY MH-53J PAVELOW III modified for CFS2 in military silver/grey. This MH-53 has had all markings removed and is ready for Covert Special Ops. Damage Profile by DSM; with Demolition Divers, Supply Air Drop, Mk46 Torpedoes, and Sling Load by Jim Jacobson. Michael Vader's CH-53 Panel included; also with HiVis Combat Panel, HUD display, mini panel, and GPS. Mods & package by Don McComb. 3.7MB
CFS2 deHavilland Sea Vixen. ALPHA Simulations 2002 De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 Intended originally as a night fighter for the RAF and the Navy, the DH.110 prototype first flew in 1951. The Vampire-like shape belied a very advanced aircraft. Political disagreements meant however that this two-seater supersonic fighter\/bomber never realised its full potential as a world-beater. As the Sea Vixen, it served in the Fleet Air Arm until 1971. 146 were built, the FAW.2 being a considerable improvement over its predecessor. Requires the CFS2 Jet Base files here otherwise this aircraft will not show. An alternative panel will be desirable. By Alphasim. 2.9MB
CFS2 A-10A Thunderbolt II in Desert, all Grey and Cammo liveries. Requires the CFS2 Jet Base files here otherwise this aircraft will not show. An alternative panel will be desirable. By Alphasim. 5.7MB
CFS 2 Cessna Dragonfly Package. The cessna dragonfly is a light attack aircraft devloped by the US. For a light attack aircraft, it is certianly armed to the teeth with rockets, HE and napalm bombs, missiles and a nasty gun. This package uses the Cessna dragonfly package by Jim Jacobson as a base, then give the whole plane a makeover. It is now armed to the teeth with laser guided smartbombs, air to air missiles, torpedoes, napalm bombs, cluster bombs and even more. A lot of the credit for the weapons goes to László Becz for his AWESOME Russian weapons pack, and to trial and error to figure out how to edit DP files. Assembled by Braden Peters. 8.9MB
CFS2 A4E Skyhawk. This is the stock Alpha A4E Skyhawk modified for correct Wingman/AI performance and Afterburner Takeoff from the Catapult start position on aircraft carriers. There are no other downloads required. The aircraft uses the Alphasim Modern Weapons pack, included. The Panel is by Mike Eustace, IndigoBlack, and contains the VN_GPS100A Gauge which can be called up using SHIFT+5(window 5) on your panel. This gauge is programmed for Korean and Vietnam airfields. Channels 1-40 for Korea, 45-60 for Vietnam. Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo, Fox Four . 5.1MB