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FS2000/CFS2 16 bit Extended Bitmap Tool Program to facilitate the editing and conversion of 16bit Textures for FS2000 and CFS2. Supports 565, 555-1, 444-4 (with separate editing of Alpha Channel) and the new CFS2 DXT compressed format. Edit in your favo(u)rite Paint Program. Convert normal 24 bit images to Extended Format 16 bit Textures. By Martin Wright. 532K

Mission Plane/Ship Utilities for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific Theater. I have created several self-contained utility programs for helping debug CFS2 missions, when missing airplanes or ships is the issue. No additional pieces or parts are needed to run these programs other than having CFS2 installed and operational. This package contains various enhancements to the previously released versions for CFS1. The set of programs for CFS2 does not work with CFS1, and vice-versa. This is by design, so not to confuse the issue, each is separate of the other. By Paul Hauschildt. 560K
CFS2 Improved Quick Combat file. This Quick Combat file re-arranges the stock aircraft into more logical classifications. Additionally, it eliminates the error of having American bombers being escorted by Japanese fighters and vice-versa. This is a problem when using the original fighters/bombers option. By Ray Wells ("C.M.Krashunbern"). 4K
CFS 2 UTILITIES - MAPS 'Far-East' Series CFS 2 UTILITIES - MAPS 'Far-East' Series UPDATED These are updated maps that cover the airfields found in Steve McClelland's (Mush Peas Design Group) Far-East Scenery. They have the airfields in their approximate locations and identify ADF/NDBs where available. Included are nine (9) jpg format maps covering Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Maylaysia, Philippines, Ryukyu Islands, Iwo Jima, Taiwan, and a North Pacific Overview. By Jeffrey Hendricks. 694K
Instfiles: Here's a little program that can help install files, whether to CFS1, CFS2 or anywhere on a drive. Create a control file that tells it what to do and where. Put all the files to install, the control file and this program into a single directory and run it. The program will put all the files into the indicated directories, whether planes, missions, campaigns, scenery or some other file type. It can install, rename or delete files depending on what the control file tells it to do. Have CFS(1 or 2) in some other directory, no problem as you can pick the directory to start in. You can even install non CFS files. PCH Paul Hauschildt. 134K
SDK: The MDL Converter Tool 21 May 2001 What is the MDL Converter? The MDL Converter tool does three things: It converts the MDL header of pre-CFS2 aircraft models to the new CFS2 format. It fixes the payloads bug so you can use payloads on imported planes. It optimizes the aircraft model to use the new CFS2 graphics format, resulting in higher frame rates. 131K
FS98 & FS2K & CFS1 CONVERSION KIT FOR CFS 2. For flying under CFS 2 with FS98,FS2000 & CFS1 aircraft.For jet fighter, heavy jet, mono-engine, bi-motor light mono-engine & helicopters. Very easy installation. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 1.9MB
CFS2Utils_Upload.zip: I've been involvement in several utils for CFS2 in the past. Whether changing settings, AI Promoter, finding planes in missions or missing, looking for errors in your Airbases or plane dp file, or any of the prior utils, they all only worked on 1 install of CFS2. These are all the same utils for CFS2, except now they can handle up to 5 different installs/copies of CFS2 on you computer. If you have 1 install of CFS2 and have the prior release of the utils, there's nothing really new here except a enhancement to the DCG Checker. If you have 2-5 installs/copies of CFS2, this can work for you. Set up the ini and you're ready PCH Paul Hauschildt. 2MB
CFS2 Jet base FILE


CFS2 Lear45 Dummy FS Converter folder with jet sound files. Install the Lear45 to your CFS2 Aircraft folder for all your CFS2 jets to show up. Devised & Compiled by Doug Attrell1.1MB
CFS2 Helicopter base FILE
CFS Bell206b This is an unflyable aircraft which will make installing helicopters to CFS1 & CFS2 easy. Simply paste the Bell206b folder into your CFS Aircraft folder. Paste all the .gau files from the gauges folder into the CFS Gauges folder. Now all those helos will show up. Devised & Compiled by Doug Attrell 1.9MB

AirEd is the original configurable AIR file ( Flight dynamics ) editor. For FS98, CFS and FS2k. This new version (1.42) adds a couple of handy features for program startup, as well as an FS2k specific data type and ini file entries. By William Roth. 225K
IrfanView IrfanView is a fast FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Win9x/NT and Windows 2000. Supported file formats: AIF, ANI/CUR, ASF, AU/SND, AVI, BMP/DIB, CAM (Casio), CLP, Dicom/ACR, DJVU, EMF/WMF, EPS, FlashPix (FPX), G3, GIF, ICO/ICL/EXE/DLL, IFF/LBM, IMG (GEM), JPG/JPEG, KDC, LDF, LWF, MED, MID/RMI, MOV, MP3, MPG/MPEG, PBM/PGM/PPM, PCX/DCX, PhotoCD, PNG, PSD, PSP, RAS/SUN, RealAudio (RA), RLE, SFF, SFW, SGI/RGB, SWF (Flash/Shockwave), TGA, TIF/TIFF, WAV, WBMP, XBM, XPM. Author: Irfan Skiljan. 623K
DXTBmp - FS2002 16 bit Texture Manipulator Updated program for the creation, conversion, compression of the 16/32 bit Texture formats used by CFS2, FS2000 and FS2002 Uses nVidia codecs for converting Images to 444-4, 555-1, 565, 888-8 DXT1 and DXT3 formats. Allows the editing of 16/32 bit textures in any Paint program. Reads all default CFS2/FS2000/FS2002 formats except 8 bit (use Bmp2000 or BmpExt for them). Separate editing of Alpha channels. Good quality mipping. Preview all Mips. Convert most image formats. Import/Export Targa 32 bit images with Alpha. Import DDS. By Martin Wright. 541K

Multi-Resolution MDL Demonstration for CFS2 only The Multi-Resolution Merged MDL File. A detailed explanation of the multi-resolution model concept for CFS2.

This little application has been produced so that the casual CFS2 user and experienced user alike can conveniently observe the Multi-Resolution feature of Abacus Flight Simulator Design Studio Pro by temporarily replacing the "stock" CFS2 A6M2 model with the seven-level colored box model. The applet provides a "toggle" function. Tutorial & demo by Joe Amodea. 2.6MB

Check for common DCG Error conditions. This program checks for some of the more common errors in the airbases.dat file along with planes dp files. No error correction is attempted, rather a screen is displayed with the runway information and the items that is a suspected error. Paul Hauschildt. 170K
FS2002/FS2000/CFS2 NOVA v1.6 is an utility program to design 3D objects for scenery design for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, 2002 and Combat Flight Simulator 2. Build your custom hangars, control towers, buildings, bridges, terminals, gates, houses, file libraries, lamps and more in an easy way. This version includes two add-on program files to make special and powerful macros with dynamic effects, as dynamic windsocks, flags, sliding hangar doors controlled by distance or frequencies, buildings with helipads, clocks showing the real time in FS2K, special controllers and effects files, and much more. A grand total of 42 different tools to make a large variaty of shapes and special dynamics effects. Shareware by Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 5.6MB
NOVA V1.6 Help files. This files contains the entire help files of NOVA. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez 7.2MB
CFS Quick Combat Editor (now v2.2.0) "Are you a fan of Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator series? Unsure about how to add imported aircraft to the Quick Combat list? This application allows you to add and remove aircraft with ease to any category within Microsoft CFS Quick Combat. Even add new categories! No more manual editing of 'qc_plane.qcb'!" Changes in this version: - Now supports multiple installs of CFS1 and/or CFS2 - Improved help - Incorporated XP style interface (when run under Windows XP) By Jaesen Jones 263KB
Tailgunner 2 by steveiy ( tg2_1_0d.zip) Description This patch allows CFS bomber pilots to aim their guns and drop bombs in multiplayer games. Features: 1. Multiplayer bombs All players equipped with TG2 can now drop bombs (and see each other drop bombs). 2. Improved gunnery Gun pointing is now referenced to the cursor in all views, allowing stock aircraft to be used. 3. Brunhost support Distance at which a) labels are displayed and b) target lock is possible can now be set for enhanced no-FUN games. This feature only works in Brunhost games. 4. Anti-ramming Anti-ramming reduces (but does not eliminate) the chances of dying in a collision. Basically, if someone deliberately rams you, you might survive. If you deliberately ram them, you die just like before. See the section on known bugs. Very important .385K

Cody Coyote's Campaign Building Tutorial A step by step guide on how to build effective campaigns for Combat Flight Simulator 2. The tutorial covers building both linear and dynamic campaigns, the use of player skill and random chance to advance the player and troubleshooting tips for problem campaigns. WORD format. By Cody Coyote. 143K

AF Shore Bombardment and More Package Create your own realistic shore bombardments! Controlable Heavy Caliber Gunfire is now here. Trigger/Event driven Arty Barrages when and where you want them, for as long or short as you like. As easy to control as adding a new AI Aircraft formation. This package also fixes Aircraft hitting the ground without destroying anything. The visual Effects have been improved as well. It can also be used to create realistic V-1's or full payload drops by AI Heavy Bombers. Aircraft, Ship, Effects and Demo Missions included. No other D/L's required. From the AF=Midway Project Team. 314K
CFS1 / CFS2 weapons-files for DPED.exe V.2. CFS / CFS2 weapons-files for DPED.exe Here are the nearly complete barrel armament for CFS and CFS2. These DAT-files are additions to the program DPED, made by "FLYMAN" Mr. Yusaku Homma. It is the second edition. DAT-files by Hilmar Rülke. 13K
CFS Kill Calculator: Suitable for all CFS Series. In use every day to train the United States Naval Combat Pilots. The Formula is incorporated into this program to give the user a way to tally up their kills and how they would stand up in a real situation in flight. The Calculator is designed to be robust so that any squadron can tailor the points to their needs by typing in a point value into the program. By VMF513_Viper aka Dan Rivera. 3.1MB
CFS2 Utility - V4.7.4 Addit! Pro For Combat Flight Simulator 2 Addit! Pro is a comprehensive addon manager for Combat Flight Simulator 2. Shareware. $19 Registration. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, campaigns, missions, panels, scenery, sounds, textures and more. Archive addons to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet or recreate them in zip files. Modify aircraft, panels and sounds. Addit! Pro can even automatically update CFS 2's scenery library (Scenery.cfg). See Whatsnew.txt for latest changes. By Joseph Stearns. 6MB
CFS2 EasyMultiinstall_1.1. Cfs2 utility to allow on one only one installation of cfs2 to arrange 6 different théatres of operations . This zip will allow you to increase by six the limitation of 90/100 planes (a file cfs2 with its six aircraftxxx folders can support to have 500 planes without any problem), every théatre will have its part,Its airbases,its missions and campaigns ,can have its most appropriate textures and possibly uires screens shall find in their specific théatres. The mission builder will work specifically for every théatre. Free to you then of to order your cfs2 as you want without limitation of space. I simply adapted this method, used by some cfs2 players on the forum cfsfrance, to make it easy to install . Jean "Bomber" Cornichon. 457K
MSFS9/2004, FS2002, FS2000 and Combat Flight Simulator Installed Aircraft Lister. Generates a list of installed aircraft in the aircraft directory. Use with , Easily customize the list's field width, padding, and specify a field delimiter and row terminator. The list can be sorted by manufacturer, type, title, or subdirectory. Handy to have when you're looking for new aircraft to download! By John Rahn. 469K
MDLC - An easy way to build CFS2 weapons without SCASM coding, to use the MDLC /P command will support this way now. Tutorial included. Ivan Hsu. 283K
DPED Version 1.2. What is DPED ? It is an editor for DP files. DP(Damage Point) files are used by Combat Flight Simulator(CFS) released by Microsoft. DP files contain definitions of armaments and damage points of each planes in CFS. This version of DPED can handle CFS2's DP files. Yusaku Homma. 481K