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Helicopters Page 14
FS2000 IAC Gazelle 241 is used by the Irish Air Corp to train its pilots for the Alloutte III and the AS365f Dauphin 2 and also the Garda air support unit AS355N Twin Ecureuil. Original model by Pete Daly. Revised & repainted Irish Air Corps by Jon Devins Sounds by Mike Ellis Animated Rotors,Pedals and Pilots. 2MB



FS2000/ Gazelle start up and shut down sounds. Internal and external sounds for the Irish Air Corp Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter (above) . Original Designed by Pete Daly modified by Jon Devins Sounds supplied and edited by Mike Ellis Original startup/shutdown by Manuel Gonzales. 3.9MB
FS2000 Bell 47 "The Whirlybirds" N975B Designed by Monte L. Caudill Repaint by Gaylen Cates: 1.1MB
FS2000 US GOVERMENTAL PACK Include 2 aircraft ;1 206B of the US Coast Guards ; 1 206B of the US Custom and 1 Airship US Coast Guards. See read-me for Airship installation. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 383K
FS2000 Aerospatiale LAMA Argentine Air Force Version 1.0 includes full moving parts, clear windows, pilots figure and realistic flight dynaimcs. Designed by Shlomo Hakim, repainted by Ariel Cimino and Cherar Suarez. 813K
FS2000 Mil Mi-8 midlle transport helicopter Russian Airforce (VVS) model, texture, air & sound Original FS2000 model by Mostyn Gale Repaint & Airdynamic Vlad Zhyhulskiy The special attention I ask to give to aerodynamics of this helicopter - it essentially differs from traditionally used in MFS. 210K



Bolkow MBB BO 105. For FS2000.. Designed by Brian Whitelegg using FSDS, Aircraft Animator and Flight Dynamics Editor. 4.3MB

MD 902 Explorer. For FS2000 G-KAAT, Kent Air Ambulance(UK). Designed by Brian Whitelegg using Flight Sim Design Studio. Air file and sounds from Steven Lovass-Nagy's USCG MH90 Enforcer. Panel modified by RAdm Ray Brower, Fleet Director, Virtual US Coast Guard. from an Ian Standfast original. 1.1MB

FS2000 version Aerospatiale HH-65A Includes Panel, high power light of search up to 200 feet and Sound System. Designed by:Manuel Gonzalez. - 14.6MB

FS2000 Version Hughes 500MD/TOW Kenyan Airforce Totally new model with Highly realistic textures of aircraft reg: 518 of the kenyan Airforce. Implemented are nightlighting, Landinglights, navlights, moving pilots, glass canopy, moving visor, panel and sounds also available: FS2002 Version (500MDTOW.zip - above) 1.5MB