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FS2000/FS2002 RAH-66 Comanche Sikorsky/Boeing RAH-66 Comanche has Full Moving parts, Panel, Inside 7 views right to left, sounds, animated gear and gear doors, animated rotor, turbo fan, panels, gauges and a mean look. This Version is set up for CFS2 and FS2000. By Kirk Long. 6.6MB
FS2000 & FS2002 AS 350 Eurocopter squirrel repaint in channel Seven news. textures only. (Requires Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 B2 Monaco Air available here if required) Repainted y Jeremy Thompson thanks to Simon Hallet for the help. 840K
FS2000 AS-322L2 Super Puma MAERSK Helicopters is based on the "AS32REP.zip" and is the original design of Dirk E. Fassbender and Bernd Reinsch. The file includes aircraft, panel and sounds with animated parts and virtual cockpit. Designed with FSDS for FS2000 also works in FS2002. Pause button must be pressed to retract and extend landing gear. Repaint by: Lynn Rogers. 3.3MB
FS2000 Sikorsky/Boeing RAH-66 Comanche For FS2000 simulators. This is the new model of the RAH66 Comanche for FS2000. This model was built from the ground up. Now it has 2 VC pits with visor HUD and moving parts, full animations, lights, new 3 sets of textures, artic, real tree, desert, hard points/and armer see images in this file, moving gun, 2 new panel's, rear or front, animated rotor blades, new sounds. Might work with CFS2 and FS2002 in mind but not yet fully tested. By Kirk Long. 8.8MB
Eurocopter EC 120. Sacramento County Sheriff's Office. Designed by Greg A. Krantz using FSDS. Sounds by Manuel Gonzalez. Original Template by Brian Whitelegg. 4.1MB
FS2000 Aerospatiale SA-315B Lama Photo Real panel. This panel can be used in older and newer FS2000 helicopters. The panel uses FS2000 default gauges, and others as well. United Flight Software. 1.3MB
FS2000/FS2002 Mil Mi-28 Havoc The Mi-28 Havoc helicopter has a full panel in 24 bit color, DVC, visor hud, sounds, Animated parts, textures, and more. By Kirk Long United Flight Software. 6.8MB
Sikorsky CH-34 Choctaw in 1960's U.S. Army Colors This is a CFS2/FS2000 model. Panels,Textures,Air,and Damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson: and are released as freeware. 3.6MB
FS2000 Sikorsky (S-55) HRS-1 U.S.M.C Colors This is a CFS2/FS2000 model. Panels, Textures, Air and Damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 2.1MB ** see update below
FS2000 Sikorsky (S-55) H-19 U.S. Airforce Colors, w/Rescue and Navy textures This is a CFS2/FS2000 model. Panels, Textures, Air and Damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 2.7MB **see update below