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Panel for the Bell/TEXTRON OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Scout/Attack Helicopter (FS2K) Demands of the battlefield change quickly, and the Armed OH-58D Kiowa Warrior changes with them: one minute, it's hunting tanks with its mast-mounted sight and electronic cockpit, the next minute it's engaging enemy aircraft from the maximum standoff range with its Stinger air-to-air missile system. Anti-personnel and anti-materiel are also in its repertoire, and the helicopter can be easily configured for several peacetime roles, including cargo carrying and drug interdiction. No other helicopter can match its combination of firepower, survivability and target acquisition.Two Armed OH-58Ds can be rapidly deployed by C-130 to anywhere in the world. The helicopter's versatility and weaponry makes it a lethal counter to most conventional threats. 616K



MD500 SKI- COPTER with panel and sounds nite-lite effects and moving parts, working Landing-lite beam. By : Tom Hutson. 3.1MB


CH-53W Sea Stallion Model and panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000Model by: Shlomo 'SloMo' Hakim Panel by: Michael 'Le Gros' Vader (Pegasus Aviation) . 2.8MB


FS2000 - panels Piasecki H-21 panel This is a Panel for the " Flying Banana " H/CH-21. The panel bmp is based on a little photo taken in a H-21 conserved at the museeum of the french army (ALAT) at DAX in the south west of france. Michael Vader. 1.5MB



Bell 412 / Griffon. For FS 2000 only.. Aa simple repaint of Brian Whiteleggs Bell 412, with new panel and interior sound. Designed by Brian Whitelegg using FSDS and Aircraft Animator. Repaint by Mike Busby. 1.4MB


Bell 412 / Griffon SKI PATROL. For FS 2000 only. Designed by Brian Whitelegg using FSDS and Aircraft Animator. Another Repaint from Mike Busby, A fictional SKI PATROL helicopter. Hope you like it. Features include animated rotors, sounds, nav, strobe and searchlights (L key for lights) and an original flight dynamics file by Tim Harris. With the exception of the rotor assemblies and aerials all parts can be repainted, including the skids. As usual, do what you like with it, just don't sell it. Copyright Brian Whitelegg. 1.6MB


FS2000 ProEdition Repaint of the original Bell 206B JetRanger panel by Dieter Mark (Version 1). Great outside view during high and low speed flight. Get the feeling of flying a real Bell 206B JetRanger. Using only FS2000 ProEdition gauges. Dieter Mark. 2.12MB
VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD HV-609 TILTROTOR. The Virtual United States Coast Guard (VUSCG) is an organization of fellow flight simulator enthusiasts that enjoy simulating the missions and procedures of our nation's coast guard. We have found terrific enjoyment from trying to emulate the heroic and life-threatening jobs that real-world USCG men and women perform as a daily routine. Out of admiration and respect, we have tried to make this organization as realistic as our virtual environment will allow and have made every effort to maintain a similar level of professionalism to our real- world counterparts. Aircraft design by: Capt Slug Use and repaint by permission of designer. Repaint by: Ray Brower. 806K


VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD FS2000/FS98/CFS MH-68A Power Original by Keith Whyte. Repaint by: Lt Cmdr Ray Brower. 950K
FS98/FS2000 Hoversafe Academy Bell Model 407: by Ian Standfast revisions Animated rotors, revised textures. Designed using Abacus' AF99. Moving parts produced using Konstantin Kukushkin's superb Aircraft Animator. 198K



Generic Panel for Bell single engine models 206B, 206L, 407 Designed by Ian Standfast 21.2.2001 November 2000 revision. Designed using Customer Panel Designer by Abacus. 129K