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FS98/FS2000 Sikorsky S76A, generic civil paint. Revisions Animated rotors, revised textures. Designed using Abacus' AF99. Moving parts produced using Konstantin Kukushkin's superb Aircraft Animator.. 139K


FS2000 PRO or version Panel for Sikorsky S76A, S76B, S76C. Designed by Ian Standfast 21.2.2001 November 2000 revision. Designed using Customer Panel Designer by Abacus. 573K



FS2000 Alouette III Air Zermatt - (Swiss rescue helicopter). This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000. It has animated rotor blades and transparent windows.Designer: Wolfgang Kulhanek 2001 original sound by Fabien Prevost. 1.3MB


FS2000 XV-1. The original was built from photos furnished by the Ft. Rucker Army Aviation museum where one of the two XV-1's built reside. It's awaiting restoration. This version of my XV-1 model corrects the rotor blade tips, removed one of the side windows, and created a new instrument panel. Repainted and included David Eckert's MSDS pilot. By David Kane. 2.2MB



Sounds for Aerospatiale AS355F1 Twin Squirrel. Internal and External Flying Sounds. Seamlessly looped engine sound for use with MS Flight Simulator 98 and 2000. Recorded from Channel 9 Twin Squirrel helicopter, early 2001. Produced by Uplink Productions. 266K



FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-4 ScorpionThe ARX-4 is a fictional two-place concept helicopter modofied from the ARX-3 Raptor and incorporates a semi-glass cockpit with an HSI and RMI as well as the GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 186K


Hovering’s Better in the Bahamas . . , If you’ve tried flying the FS2000 Bell 206 and crashed on every takeoff - come with me to Governor’s Harbor, North Eluthera, MYEM in the Bahamas and try your hand after a few hints on how to do it under ideal condition. You are missing a real treat if you’ve never flown NOE down the Grand Canyon or made a late night visit to one of those off-shore drilling rigs in ¾ mile vis in the pouring rain. Helicopters are closer to "flying like the birds" than any other "Seized wing" machine and they offer a lot of great scenery or gut wrenching challenges far away form those well groomed, lighted, landing areas they call Airports. By Real chopper pilot, Dave Cooke. Word document 289K


Alouette III - Argentine Army (without skids) This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000. It has animated rotor blades, transparent windows, a highly realistic Panel and realistic sounds (by Fabien Prevost). Designer Heli and new Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek Repainted by Osvaldo Martinetti Sound by Fabien Prevost. 1.9MB



FS2000 STD/PRO Kaman SH-2F Seasprite of the RNZN This model is made with the FSDS , has full moving parts , gear , rotors, tail wheel. It also has a virtual cockpit The RNZN operates SH-2F seasprites,with SH-2G models being delivered soon. Aircraft Visual Design & Animation: Adrian Brausch & Ian Brausch. 1.4MB


FS2000 Aerospatiale Gazelle with improved textures & rotor effects. Full moving parts including rudder pedals, transparent canopy, etc. By Pete Daly. 2MB

Update only for those who had the previous version (gazelle3.zip or gazelle2.zip) 1MB


Heli port for FS2000 only (Oil Rig with helipads) . It is near EGQK (Kinloss AB, UK). To get to it take off from EGQK and go to a heading of about 356. It is about 2.5 nautical miles away from shore. I made it for SQN42. They use it for the boats that we drive. Have fun! by Bryant W. Swanstrom. 207K